Calf Rearing Equipment

Calf rearing equipment for the rearing period covers the time from birth to 12 weeks of age. It includes feeding (colostrum, milk/milk replacer, concentrates, fiber and water), housing, general husbandry and health management of calves from the moment they are born up to four weeks post weaning.

Healthy calves are the first step to having thriving replacements and growing animals. Calf health depends greatly on the quality and management of the calf in early life, particularly in the first six weeks. Calf rearing is effectively managing your calves from birth to weaning and on to successful management post-weaning.

Calf hutch provides the most suitable environment for animals to stay separate to prevent infection. Calf yards, house floors should be kept Dry, Clean and Soft. Hutches proven solution to keep young calves safe and healthy which is also economical for farmers. This “special-climate” environment allows calves to feed more on concentrated food before it ultimately makes more profits.


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