Portable Milking Machine mini

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Portable milking machine mini

This BS mini has an 18 L vacuum tank which makes it suitable to work in high attitudes (above 2000 meters from sea level) This machine has huge capabilities for cow milking. For goat and sheep milking only change cluster and set up pulsator! 

  • Portable
  • One milking unit
  • 30 liters can


Portable milking machine mini

With portable bucket milking machine cows are milked on a level floor of a stable or milking shed. The milking machine is mounted on a trolley with one bucket at the base. It comes in a single bucket. Portable single Bucket milking machines are equipment devices that are used to extract milk from animals – most commonly cows, goats, sheep and buffalo. For goat and sheep milking only change cluster and set up pulsator! 

How many minutes to milk a cow?

Electric Milking Machine, Milks 5-8 Cows per Hour, 0.75 KW. Milking Equipment with 30 Liters 304 Stainless Steel Bucket churn.

  • 10 kg milk in 5 minutes
  • 15 kg milk in 6 minutes
  • 20 kg milk in less than 7 minutes

This is what farms achieve if cows are stress free, with a good routine and the milking unit removed automatic when the cow finishes milking with higher yields the udder pumps milk out at higher pressure, which increases the flow, keeping the duration relatively short.


Advantages of milking machines:

  • Less mastitis
  • Udder health
  • It pretends natural calf sucking.
  • Milking 4 teats at during in a session
  • Less stress
  • Routine
  • Clean milk, less Somatic Cell Count
  • Portable One milking unit.

Milking process and advantages 

Warranty and availability of milking machines

Every dairy farmer appreciates the reliability of a good milking machine. We feel every farmer NEEDS only the BEST portable milker!  We get calls from customers on a regular basis that purchase a “cheap brand on Amazon”, which are far from “cheap”.  Then, when it doesn’t work for an extended period, or they can’t find parts or service, they realize they should have INVESTED in a quality machine.  We carry ONLY quality Milking machines guaranteed to perform!

Milking machine components.

Portable milking machines are suitable for small and medium scale farms. All models are manufactured with high quality BRK milking components.

  • Vacuum unit
  • Pneumatic pulsator
  • 110 cc plastic milk claw
  • Stainless steel teat cup shells
  • Rubber liners
  • PVC vacuum and milk hoses
  • Stainless steel cans

Technical Specifications of Portable milking machine

  • Model          : BS mini
  • Power          : 0,75(Kw)
  • Voltage        : 220 V, 50 Hz
  • Vacuum p. capacity: 180(lt/min)
  • Vacuum tank :18 L, electrogalvanized
  • Bucket           : 30 L. Stainless steel
  • Cluster          : Plastic milk claw, stainless steel shells
  • Pulsator       : BRK® 60/40 pneumatic pulsator 1 piece
  • Milk hose      :14 x 24 x 1700mm- PVC
  • Twin hose    :7 x 13 x 1700 (mm) PVC
  • Chassis        : 32 x 1,5 steel tube, electrogalvanized
  • Dimensions: 620 x 1200 x 850 cm
  • Weight          :50 Kg

Cow Milking

A cow should be milked within 7 minutes because of the hormone oxytocin that stimulates milk production. Machine milking is very fast such that all the milk will have been removed by the end of this time. Bereket milking systems have distinctive characteristics on automation level and milking method. From small family farm parlors to a thousand cow farm parallels, all milking systems are designed, installed and performance-tested with the same professional approach knowing very well that a system is only as good as its weakest component. Experienced farmers trust their Bereket equipment in milking their cows either on a hot dry summer afternoon or a freezing winter morning. This milking systems are designed according to ISO Norms to ensure a comfortable and secure working environment for milkers. Smooth and healthy milking routine for cows and high-quality milk for consumers. Installation and ongoing support are carried out by professional Bereket technicians with high quality components. How to use Milking machine https://youtu.be/vKhvpWyQevg

Why our Portable bucket milking machines are better?

  • Oil-free vacuum pump
  • Service free bucket milking machine
  • All critical components are imported
  • Ready stock delivery
  • 16 Months Pulsator warranty which is the heart of the machine
  • 6 months warranty for rubber liners.
  • All milk contacting parts are of food grade
  • Phthalate free tubing.
  • Bucket size of 30 liters in Stainless Steel.
  • Our machine is exported to various European countries
  • Galvanized chassis
  • Can easily maneuver on uneven surfaces.

Portable milking machine Milkers

Security and Health First: Treat your milk the way you treat your home and feel every ounce of comfort with every milking experience. Our bucket is made of food-grade 304 stainless steel, and the hose is made of harmless rubber, non-toxic and odorless. Our milking machines with reliable materials ensure maximum health and minimum maintenance. The entire system is fully enclosed and sealed. Get ready to enjoy pure and clean milk! Your Cows will be happy: Do you worry about hurting your cows when milking with your hands? Our milking machine is equipped with a vacuum pulsation system to suck milk like a calk. The suction is enough for efficient milking, and the smooth inner surface of the teat cup will not harm your animals. Milk Anywhere: Whether helping a fellow farmer or working on your farm, you will be ready to milk your day away without breaking a sweat. This milking cow machine features a sturdy steel cart. The large heavy-duty wheels and non-slip handle make it easy to move around. Transporting a full-filled milk bucket has never been easier. Relax and Feel Good: You don’t have to tolerate sweating in the summer when milking. The electric cow milking machine will help you handle all your milking work. It is ideal for farms or dairies that milk cows. If you need to milk goats or sheep, please replace the goat or sheep milk suction head (not included). Let’s start milking together.
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