Drinking Bowl with Inducer

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Drinking bowl with inducer

Automatic water drinking bowls tube valve activated for sheep, goats, calves and dogs in order to guarantee that young stock is brought up in a healthy manner.

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Bowls with Drink Inducers

Automatic water drinking bowl with drink inducer for sheep, goats, calves and dogs in order to guarantee that young stock is brought up in a healthy manner, it is necessary that they learn to drink enough water independently at an early stage. Therefore, on Model 370 and 375 we have located a small enticement basin behind the tube valve. Deliver clean, free-choice water within 20 to 30 minutes of liquid feedings.

Young stock, which have not yet learnt how to activate the valve, can lap up the remaining water out of the enticement basin. With time they will to drink water from this bowl and automatically learn how to use the easy to activate tube valve. An early, independent and sufficient water supply is guaranteed this way.

Benefits of drinking bowl inducer

  • Bowl made of cast iron, completely enameled, easy to clean
  • Always fresh and clean water – no risk of dirty water as in the case of drinking bowls with float valve
  • Smoothly running tube valve even at high water pressure of max. 6 bars
  • Valve can be operated from all sides
  • Little hollow, which acts as a water supply behind the valve, encourages animal learning
  • Calm water flow through tube valve
  • ½” female connection from the top
  • Water flow continuously adjustable from outside by means of a regulation screw
  • Special back side design enables easy fixation into 90° corners, on the wall or on pipes.

The drinking bowls are made with non-toxic materials approved for drinking water and are highly UV, corrosion resistant. An extensive range of bowl drinker models, suitable for internal and external use, which may meet animal needs, are available. Please contact us for details of other models.

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