Calf Feeding bowls


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Calf feeding bowls

Suitable for the feeding of food pellets, milk and water. The well-shaped bottom of the bowl enables the calf to empty it completely. And locks to holders prevent falling 8 L capacity, with imprinted scale, with slot
for retaining bracket

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Calf Feeding Bowls

Calf feeding Bowls are suitable for pellets, milk, and water. Thanks to the well-shaped base of the feeding bowl, the calves can drink the last drops of liquid. The bowl is available in a 5-litre and 8-litre option. 8 L capacity, with imprinted scale, with slot for retaining bracket. This starter bowl sits in a bucket or bucket holder to help calves eat their starter feed more easily.

  • Use with hutches or pens
  • Rounded bottom is easy for calves to lick
  • Hardwearing and easy to clean

This shallow calf starter feed bowl helps calves eat their first solid feeds more easily. It fits directly into our Bucket Holders or can sit on top of the Heavy-Duty Buckets; it will not fall. Use for outdoor hutches and indoor pens. The rounded bottom shape makes it easy for the calves to lick and easy for you to clean.

Robust and durable calf nursing bowls made in Germany. The main advantage of pallet feeding is its easier handling requires simpler and faster cleaning procedures, it can be filled on the spot (an advantage for large farms), and it allows a more drastic change to milk replacer solids according to seasonal needs

Feeding Bucket

  • Does not fall off with lock system
  • Ergonomic shape, robust design
  • Self-cleaning when upside-down

Advantages of the Calf feeding bowls and drinking buckets

  • Made of an environmentally friendly material (without regeneration)
  • Robust mounting slots
  • 8 L capacity, with imprinted scale, with slot for retaining bracket of the bottom for empty position
  • Raised bottom edge to protect the teats and allow secure handling
  • Arched bucket bottom allows livestock to drink from the feeding bucket until it is empty!
  • Mounting bracket, galvanized metal or plastic
  • Free of FCKW and PVC
  • Resistant against formic acid
  • Temperature resistant and elastic rubber teats made of natural rubber, cannot be pulled out by livestock
  • Feeding bowl with strong rim and robust design.
  • Made of food-grade premium safe plastic.
  • Use: For feed or salt lick.
  • The feeding bowl has transport handles.
  • Dimensions: 11’ inside diameter x 3’ high (27 x 8 cm).
  • Recommended for: cattle, calves and horses.

Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 33 × 30 × 25 cm

5L, 8L


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