Cow Mats and mattresses

Only the best quality dairy cow mat and mattress provide real comfort for your high yield cows. Real cow mats prevent and avoid fatigue, limb hoof diseases, joint and skin diseases with elastic and special design on the surface. Cow rubber mat to avoid fatigue and prevents too.

Cow comfort for more animal welfare, more milk yield & less work: Consistently high milk yield requires animal-friendly housing products.

Regarding (stalls) laying areas; comfortable, soft, non-slip and clean cubicles encourage cows to spend more than half the day in a relaxed position. This protects the joints, relieves the claws and thus increases animal welfare and milk yield.

KRAIBURG is the world’s top quality 10-year guaranteed cow mats and mattress that affect the milk yield and animal comfort, while increasing the laying time of the animals with soft, comfortable and functional mats. . Tolerances : Thickness: +3/-2 mm (except with ca. specifications) Width + length: +/- 1.5% (DIN ISO 3302-1 tolerance class M4)

We are local company here in Kenya with the best fair prices for every farmer. And we deliver East African countries as well. Dairy cow mats sale in KENYA and East Africa.


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