Calf Hutches UV protective

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Calf Hutches UV protective

Calf hutches with UV protective layer for use open areas made of durable, fiberglass reinforced polyester, which has several advantages:
• A strong, self-supporting structure with a long service life
• Heat, cold and draughts are shut out, creating an optimal microclimate for the calves
• The interior of the hutch has a smooth finish, which makes cleaning easy and prevents bacterial growth
• The hutches are easy to move, which facilitates cleaning

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Happy Calf Hutches

Calf Hutches with UV protective layer for use in open areas. Proper housing is essential for ensuring optimal conditions for rearing calves are based on our 5 golden principles:

  1. Healthy growth
  2. Well-being
  3. Less diarrhea
  4. Good rumen development
  5. Labor

These principles contribute to optimal calf rearing on your farm. Calf rearing systems facilitate the well-being and growth of the calves, while helping to reduce labor costs and human interaction. Healthy calves require less of the farmer’s care and concern. In other words: Happy Calf, Happy Farmer!

Comfort and Small models are practical and user-friendly calf hutches. With wheels integrated into the plastic threshold, the hutches are easy to relocate or move elsewhere for cleaning. A teat bucket and an information sheet can be attached to either corner of the fencing for quick and efficient replenishing and easy identification. Refreshing the straw bedding is a cinch with the hinged gate, whose smart lock can be opened with one hand. Users of systems confirm time after time that their labor costs have been drastically reduced. In other words: pure profit!

The hutch can also be tipped forward using the hinge mechanism. It can be tilted well because of the practical handle, so the straw can be refreshed quickly. With the hutch tipped forward, the outdoor accommodation area can be mechanically cleaned quickly and easily. The coating on the interior of the hutches simplifies cleaning them.


Healthy young livestock is the foundation for balanced growth and for achieving a highly productive dairy herd. In other words, for future earnings. The cost of medical care should be kept as low as possible and even avoided altogether. Fresh air, fresh water, high-quality feed and hygienic surroundings are prerequisites for rearing healthy calves. With our rearing systems, that makes an optimal contribution to healthy and fast-growing cattle. Proper ventilation in the hutches, partly through vent holes in the top front of the roof, keeps the interior dry and full of fresh air. The depth of the hutches is ideal for protecting calves in cold conditions. Furthermore, the sophisticated material of the hutches keeps the temperature inside cool when exposed to direct sunlight.


Healthy calves grow quickly and require little attention. The healthier a calf is during its first three months, the better it will develop. It is especially during those first three months that our systems prove their worth in terms of calves developing into highly productive dairy cows. Close to thirty years of experience has produced an impressive low infection rate and virtually ideal growth curves. By placing the hutches near (or, with the Open Top, in) places you go by frequently, you can keep a close eye on the calves, which in
turn enables the early detection of any issues – which is another cost-reducing factor. The use of our products therefore has a positive effect on growth, well-being and labor: calves can be inseminated sooner, growth is boosted, significantly fewer calves drop out, and milk production increases substantially after the first two lactations. This, combined with labor savings and therefore time savings, produces better operating results and a consistent method of working. The entire operating process is highly optimized and makes the work more enjoyable.

  • High milk yield
  • Strong, durable cows
  • High life time production

Weight gain

Proper calf housing promotes the growth of the calf in the first 24 months. Optimal growth, for instance due to quality calf housing, will result in the calf weighing more in 24 months’ time than standard growth. What’s more, insemination can start sooner.

Temperature inside the calf hutches

A combination of heat-reflecting color (white), the right material (fiberglass reinforced polyester) and a heat-resistant inner layer keeps the internal temperature of our calf hutches much lower than other materials such as PE (polyethylene). Calves consequently feel more comfortable and less stressed, which promotes growth and reduces their susceptibility to disease. Furthermore, bacteria on the inside of the calf hutch will multiply less rapidly at lower temperatures.

Solar radiation

To ensure our calf hutches remain at a comfortable temperature, the material we use has an incorporated UV protective layer. Furthermore, the material is bright white. As a result, the light transmittance of our Calf hutches is much lower than that of other brands. The transparency as well as UV permeability of our Calf hutches are visibly lower than that of other hutches. As heat and sunrays are shut out, they cannot bother the calf inside. The lower temperature also makes work easier for the farmer.

Draught is disastrous

Draught-free conditions is another very important factor in the well-being of the calves. Although it is vital that the air in the calf hutch is continuously refreshed to ensure the supply of fresh oxygen and the discharge of carbon dioxide and gaseous ammonia, draughts must be avoided. Calves can catch a cold and contract other ailments due to draughts. Our calf hutches have openings on one side only, namely at the front, through which fresh air is supplied and hot, polluted air is released. This creates a gentle, continuous airflow preventing any unnecessary swirling in the calf hutch.
Similar hutches of other brands often have vent holes at the back as well, causing colder air to mix with warm air. This ultimately creates downdraughts, a phenomenon in which hot air cools down and subsequently sinks, so that the calves constantly feel a draught. Furthermore, the airflow in the hutches of other brands is at head height, which is less comfortable for the calves.


Labor costs figure ever more importantly in the operational management of modern-day dairy farmers. Consequently, we focus heavily on ergonomics, user-friendliness, accessibility, flexibility, mobility, hygiene and durability during the development and production of our calf rearing systems.

As an example, our rearing systems are made of fiberglass reinforced polyester, a smooth and easy material to clean. Also, the hutches require no effort at all to lift which comes in handy when they require shifting or cleaning. A practical detail: With our systems, dairy farmers can get through their daily routine quicker and more efficiently. Convenient, fast, easy and therefore: efficient!

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