Cubicle Dividers for Cow Stalls

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Free Stall Cubicle Dividers

Hot dip-galvanized cubicle separation dividers designed different according to the animal physical structure, free and tie stalls; Each animal in the herd should rest undisturbed in the stall It should allow it to lie down, get up, enter and exit easily and to stand.

Hot-dip Galvanized pipe models are

  1. 2” (Ǿ60 x3.2 mm)- 190 x 123 cm
  2. 2” (Ǿ60 x2.5 mm) 190 x 123 cm
  3. 1,5” (Ǿ48 x2.5 mm) 180 x 120 cm


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Cubicle Dividers for Free Stalls

Cubicle housing systems for cattle has to comply comfort of dairy cows. Adjustment of stall dividers provides comfortable, clean and dry resting bed area. They allow feces and urine to fall into the dung path. Partition dividers should provide optimum bed usage and cleaning together. Free-stall cubicle dividers provide excellent cow comfort and remains cleaner, as the cows lie straight in the cubicles. Housing is important for the welfare of cows in cubicle houses.

For high milk production, healthy hoofs and longevity of cows it is important that the animals accept their cubicles willingly and spend each day lying in the cubicles for quite some time.
Cows frequent the cubicles only, if they made the experience that they easily can rise again and lie down comfortably. For work management and hygiene, it is important that the animals lie straight, and thus the boxes are kept clean.
By its form and arrangement P cubicle dividers contribute decisively to satisfy the cows’ comfort requirements as well as the requirements of the livestock farmer for clean cowsheds.

Free stalls cubicles provide dairy cows with a clean, dry, comfortable resting space. Well-designed and properly maintained free stalls are a key component in a free stall housing system.

Separation dividers designed different according to the animal’s physical structure, free and tie stalls; Each animal in the herd should rest undisturbed in the stall. It should allow it to lie down, get up, enter and exit easily and to stand.

Use cubicle dividers

  • One piece divider for each animal in free stalls.
  • Suitable for Fixed or Flexible head and neck rail or guidance
  • Durable and robust made of hot dip galvanized metal pipe
  • Special designs provide animal welfare and comfort.
  • European standard design & dimensions for cows.

Hot dip- galvanized Pipe sizes are (DIN ISO 1127 tolerance class ) D1 ±1.5%, Or ±0.75 Mm Min

  • 2” (Ǿ60 x3.2 mm)
  • 2” (Ǿ60 x2.5 mm)
  • 1,5” (Ǿ48 x2.5 mm)


Dimension matters and important!

  • Stalls are designed to provide needed space for cows to enter, exit and rest comfortably.
  • Proper dimensions while indexing them so that stalls are kept clean
  • Easier Exit designed with a sloped top rail, free stalls allow cows to turn sooner, reducing the risk of bumping into other cows.
  • Comfortable elevated stalls give more space for the cow’s knees, providing more space and a more comfortable rest.
  • A low side lunge also ensures that your cows have the space needed for 360° head movement for sleeping, grooming, and socializing.
  • All stalls should have been designed with a Proper Brisket Space. Open front for easy lunging. This allows cows to take full advantage of their natural laying down and getting up behavior.
  •  A horizontal top allows for shoulder bar length Easily Adjustable adjustments without affecting the shoulder bar height, and many of our systems allow for height adjustments without reinstallation.
  • PREREQUISITES CUBICLES for detail document link

Stall Partitions Cubicle dividers

Free stall partitions should guide the cow into and out of the stall, help position the cow, and provide “protection” from cows in adjacent stalls. Location and size of openings, rails, support attachment and other appurtenances should be selected to minimize opportunities for pinch points, entrapment or other injuries to the cow. A variety of partition designs are in use. Modern stall partitions are suspended from the front of the stall instead of having a post embedded at the rear curb.

stall dividers and size

Special designs for use in short stalls accommodate the need for the cow to stick her head through the front side when she lunges forward. Short stalls with side lunging should not be considered with new free stall construction. Side lunging is not a normal cow behavior but can be learned. Cow comfort and safety are of prime importance in the design, installation and management of free stalls. please look for more information about how dimensions & size matters 

Installation of Stall Partitions dividers

Highly recommended to use on concrete foundation stalls to fix. Must be durable, safe, stable to stay still. Use proper fasteners that complies impact of animal and humidity.

  • Warranty: 10 years and proven life cycle more than 20 years 
  • Tolerances : Thickness: +3/-2 mm (except with ca. specifications) Width + length: +/- 1.5% (DIN ISO 1127 tolerance class ) D1 ±1.5%, Or ±0.75 Mm Min / ±15%, Or ±0.6 Mm Min.
  • Manufactured in Germany

Please ask for all cattle divider and models all available in Kenya and Tanzania.

Additional information

Weight 22 kg
Dimensions 180 × 6 × 123 cm

2”(Ǿ60 x3.2 mm ), 2”(Ǿ60 x2.5 mm ), 1,5 ”(Ǿ48 x2.5 mm )


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