Calf Feeding Buckets

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Calf feeding buckets

Bucket with teat 8-liter, single spout bucket with lid, easily attached to calf hutches, cages or fences.


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Calf Feeding Buckets

Calf feeding buckets with teat 8-liter, single spout bucket with lid, easily attached to calf hutches, cages or fences. There are hanger slots at the top and bottom, it will not fall. Robust and durable calf nursing bucket made in Germany. The main advantage of bucket feeding is its easier handling requires simpler and faster cleaning procedures, it can be filled on the spot (an advantage for large farms), and it allows a more drastic change to milk replacer solids according to seasonal needs

Feeding Bucket

  • The cover can be attached
  • Does not fall off with double lock system
  • Ergonomic shape, robust design
  • Self-cleaning when upside-down
  • Use lids on pails to retain heat.

Milk Feeding

The method of feeding milk to calves is critical. The right way is to imitate the natural suckling which can be achieved by use of a bottle with a nipple or a bucket with a nipple placed at a height and not feeding directly from a bucket. This ensures milk will go directly to the abomasum and not the rumen which is not well-developed at this time. The oesophageal groove closes when the calf is drinking from top thus preventing milk from going to the rumen, and vice versa. If milk goes to the undeveloped rumen, the calf will have scours, malnutrition, very low weaning weight.

calf feeding

Advantages of the Calf feeding and drinking buckets

These animals are nicknamed bucket calves because they are fed with a bucket or a bottle with a nipple until they are weaned. … It is best if the newborn calf is fed colostrum for the first few days. This is milk produced by the mother cow and has antibodies that the calf needs. A good rule of thumb is to feed a calf 10 percent of its body weight in milk replacer per day. How long do you normally bucket or bottle feed? You bottle feed calves till you can get them to drink out of a bucket. And you bucket feed them until they are two months old.

  • Made of an environmentally friendly material (without regeneration)
  • Robust mounting slots
  • Mounting slot on the back edge of the bottom for empty position
  • Raised bottom edge to protect the teats and allow secure handling
  • Arched bucket bottom allows livestock to drink from the feeding bucket until it is empty!
  • Mounting bracket, galvanized metal or plastic
  • Free of FCKW and PVC
  • Resistant against formic acid
  • Temperature resistant and elastic rubber teats made of natural rubber, cannot be pulled out by livestock.

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