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We bring pastures to in doors!

Company is a talented specialist for animal welfare and advisory services to customers. Has an extensive world- wide experience in animal welfare since 2000 and also active in KENYA since 2022 March

Our Company provides a full range of professional equipment services to any kind (dairy cow, bull, goat, sheep, camel, horse, etc.) animal farm needs.


Kenya Agri and Dairy

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Our main big 50 customers and farms around world


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Our story

We are daughter company of “KRAIBURG Turkey” core business is supplying  dairy, fattening farms and horse stables to contribute animal welfare and comfort. We sell all necessary equipment and products for farming business. We support prevention instead of correction

Daughter and sister companies links are: 

www.kraiburg.com.tr  and www.fermanet.com www.eastafricaindustries.com 

We are multinational company serving dairy and fattening farms world wide more than 20 years. We are active mainly in midle-east and Turkish speaking countries. We will be active in 5 east African countries and KENYA starting March 2022