Calf Feeding Bucket 13L

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Calf feeding bucket-pail 13L

Transparent ad-libitum bucket with click valve teat 13 liter, scaled, transparent, single spout bucket with lid, easily attached to calf hutches, cages or fences.


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Ad-Libitum Calf feeding Bucket – Pails

Transparent Feeding Bucket 13 (liter) scaled, single spout ad-libitum bucket with lid and click valve teat. Easily attached to calf hutches, cages or fences. There are hanger slots at the top and bottom, it will not fall. Robust and durable transparent nursing bucket made in Germany.

ad libitum

A Latin word that means “to one’s pleasure.” In nutrition, ad libitum (abbreviated “ad Lib”) refers to feeding management in which animals are fed without restriction. Cows are usually considered fed ad libitum when the refusals (orts) amount to approximately 5 to 10% of what has been offered the day before.

The milk intake and sucking behavior of Dutch and Holstein-Friesian crossbred calves fed milk replacer ad libitum by either the bucket method (n=8) or an artificial teat (n=6) were compared. The animals were observed for 3 weeks from the age of 2 weeks, penned individually and all provided with a “dummy” (artificial) teat near the milk source within the pen.

  • Level indicator
  • The cover can be attached
  • Does not fall off with double lock system
  • Ergonomic shape, robust design
  • Self-cleaning bucket when it is upside-down
  • Use lids on pails to retain heat.

Calf Feeding 13 L ad-libitum bucket

The teat-fed calves ingested significantly more milk than the bucket-fed calves (11.9 vs. 8.0 kg/day; P<0.05), and this intake took much longer (44.2 vs. 17.7 min/day; P<0.05). In both treatment groups, milk intake was organized in “meals”. The meal criterion, separating the within meal and between-meal non-feeding intervals, was set at 5 min. Frequency of meals and daily total meal duration did not differ significantly. Meals occurred rather randomly throughout a 24-h period.

On average, the dummy teat was used for 13 min per day by bucket-fed calves, but for only 1 min by teat-fed calves (P<0.05). The dummy teat was largely clustered within the meal periods.

It is concluded that in the young calf a need for sucking exists independently of milk satiation. However, the level of satiation depends on whether the calf drinks or sucks the milk. Nutritive sucking is clearly more reinforcing than non-nutritive sucking. see

When calves are provided continuous access to milk, they consume their milk meals rather randomly,107 reminiscent of suckling bouts in nature. Moreover, as previously discussed, bucket-fed calves remain motivated to suck even when receiving high quantities of milk: calves fed ad libitum by bucket sucked a sham teat 13 minutes per day, compared with 1 minute for calves fed ad libitum by artificial teat.107 Offering milk by teat versus bucket and providing more regular access to milk in higher volumes can also lead to a reduction in cross-sucking of pen mates.

Advantages of the FERMA® drinking / feeding bucket:

  • Made of an environmentally friendly material (without regeneration)
  • Robust mounting slots
  • Imprinted liter scale on both sides
  • Mounting slot on the back edge of the bottom for empty position
  • Raised bottom edge to protect the teats and allow secure handling
  • Arched bucket bottom allows livestock to drink from the feeding bucket until it is empty!
  • Mounting bracket, galvanized metal or plastic
  • Free of FCKW and PVC
  • Resistant against formic acid
  • Temperature resistant and elastic rubber teats made of natural rubber.
  • Teats cannot be pulled out by livestock

Click Teat and valves

With 1-Click valve, a new era in terms of ease of use and maximum hygiene begins.
The installation of the new system is done in two simple steps.

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