Milking Machines

Milking Machines and Milking systems For East African countries. A portable milking machine is a complete milking system on wheels that will give you the flexibility of moving it from point A to point B.  A fixed system is a complete milking system with milking stations in which you will need to bring the cows to it, to be milked good for big cow fleets.

Milking Machine draws about 1.5 to 3 liters of milk every minute and the entire process takes 5 to 7 minutes per cow. Creating a pressure difference across the teat canal by applying vacuum to the teat-end to extract milk as it is natural life. Pretending sucking claves. 

Cows are stress free milked with a good routine and the milking unit. Clusters removed automatic when the cow finishes milking. Cows with higher yield the udder sucks milk out in a gently vacuum, which increases the flow, keeping the duration relatively short.


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