Colostrum bottle for calves

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Colostrum bottle for calves

  • Food grade plastic
  • Level indicator
  • Can be used as a medicine bottle.
  • Ergonomic shape with handle, robust design
  • Easy cleaning with the big mouth bottle.

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Colostrum bottle for calves

There are two methods for feeding colostrum: esophageal tube feeder or colostrum bottle. Time, equipment and personal preference influence the decision to use one of these two methods. Colostrum Counsel discusses the effects of esophageal tube vs. bottle feeding colostrum in newborn calves.

Tube feeding is typically considered as a more time-efficient method. It only takes a matter of minutes to feed a large volume of colostrum. In contrast, feeding colostrum through a colostrum bottle takes more time, yet it is considered “more natural” as it mimics the calf suckling from the dam.

Click-feeding bottle

  • Big opening for easy filling of the bottle
  • Easy cleaning with the big mouth open bottle.
  • The handle integrated to the lid allows quick, easy and very hygienic cleaning.
  • Level indicator
  • Automatic air regulation by a valve integrated into the lid. Easy and quick to clean or even to exchange
  • Due to the click valve and teat, totally emptying the bottle while the feeding calves.
  • Can be used as a medicine bottle.
  • Multiple bottles can be prepared for feeding one after the other with one lid and the availability of a storage lid (without handle and opening)
  • Can universally be used Food grade plastic

Click-valve and teat

  • Quick installation and disassembly of valve and teat.
  • bottle and bucket = „one system fits all “
  • Ergonomic shape with handle, robust design

How to use Colostrum bottle for calves


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