Manure Separator

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Manure Separator 

Manure separator machine with screw extrusion designed to mechanically separate farmyard 4-20 m3/h solid-liquid manure which contains fibrous structure such as cow, pig manures / dung. Consumes 5,5 Kw energy.

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Manure Separator

The manure separator quickly and easily separates the manure stored in the manure pit or other manure storage space. Depending on the purpose of your end product. Separators reduce the volume of manure. Improves handling, applicability, prevent losses during storage and increase the value. The liquid part is valuable fertilizer while the dry part can be use as composting. When completely dried (>90% dry matter) can be recycled and used in cubicles as bedding material for cows. The Manure is often seen as a waste by-product mostly in urban animal farming rather than a source of valuable nutrients!!!!


Screw Extrusion Solid-liquid Separator Machine for Cow, Cattle, Chicken manure / dung. This machine is a kind of water dehydrator separates livestock manure & original liquid dung into liquid-state organic fertilizer and solid-state organic fertilizer. Best for the dairy farm use.

  1. Fast separation speed.
  2. The water separation of manure is between 50% to 60%. The de slagging content and water content is adjustable.
  3. If dry matter percentage (DM) of 30 to 40%, which makes the thick fraction ideal for use as bedding.
  4. High power, no clogging, easy cleaning.
  5. Stainless steel makes corrosion resistance, high intensity and long service life.
  6. High degree of automation, low power consumption, easily operated by the start/stop button.
  7. capacity Solid-liquid 4-20 m3/h and electrical driven 5,5 Kw
  8. Please note that it is important to avoid fermentation. Fermentation can be prevented by spreading the fresh thick fraction in layers.
  9. Separator separates slurry into a thin and thick fraction. This thick fraction is not suitable for bio-bedding, but it is stackable, which also has its advantages.
  10. The thick fraction contains a high percentage of phosphates and can be used as solid manure. In many cases, this type of manure can be spread for a longer period.

Use of manure separator

The solid-liquid separator machine can be used in dewatering livestock manure of biogas digester. It not only can solve the precipitation problem of manure in biogas digester, but also greatly enhance the processing capacity of methane tank and reduce its coverage area. The manure after the separating process can be directly used for fruit tree forest fertilizer and also be as raw material of organic fertilizer, which can be sold to organic fertilizer or self-use of farmers. It possesses both social benefit and economic benefit.


This machine is widely used by intensive plants for its solid-liquid separation of animal waste, mash, decoction dregs, starch residue, soya residue, and high concentration organic sewage.


This screw type manure separators are designed to mechanically separate farmyard manure which contains fibrous structure such as cow, pig manure. In fact, manure separation is our most common dewatering application in the world today.

Robust design performs outstanding results for years even under the toughest conditions. All types of livestock manure and biogas digestate with ease. Yielding a high output of dryer solids and a liquid fraction containing only minimal amounts of suspended solids.

The slurry separator

Constructed with highest standards out of stainless steel for all main parts with abnormal contact to the slurry. The slurry Separator is specified for the use with slurry and bio gas substrate in its normal consistency. It is excellent for the separation of solids and liquids within an operative range with a dry mass content above the drum screen squeezer series. Best quality and reliance is ensured by stainless steel casing as well as screws. 1-2 m3, 5,5 Kw


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