Manure Scraper Systems

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Automatic Manure scraper systems

If you are looking for a way to keep your dairy farm clean and your cows healthy?

  • Automatically cleaning on schedule with moderate speed.
  • Prevent accidental hoof injuries, reduce hoof disease and increase milk production.
  • Easy, safe and reliable operation.
  • Various types of scrapers available for different materials, cleaning methods and driving types.


Automatic Manure scraper systems

Automatic Manure scraper systems help to remove solid livestock waste from beneath slats and in gutter pits. What is called also dung scrapers make waste management much more efficient and, more importantly, hygienic. We offer a large selection of manure scrapers, systems, parts, and accessories for scale farms. Scraper systems are removing manure and other wastes from stalls buildings for storage or treatment outside of the the buildings.

A manure scraper works by attaching a blade or a scraper to a tractor, a loader, or a robot, and moving it along the floor of the barns to push or pull the manure to a designated area or a storage pit.
Manure scrapers are labour saving while maintaining highest hygiene standards. They are one of the most reliable, long lasting scraper systems on the market. Our scrapers are easily adapted to any shed layout.

Modular design Scarpers

Manure scrapers modular design, versatility, wear-resistance, and animal-friendly rounded edges. The multi-scraper is built from various cast steel parts, which are more durable than parts made of structural steel. The modular design means all wear parts can be easily replaced, so these systems have an unlimited service life and minimal maintenance costs. Also, all wear parts of the multi-scraper have visual wear indicators, so you can replace them in good time before the efficiency of the system deteriorates. Design and operation The combination of the manure scraper’s animal-friendly rounded edges, the two special swinging arms mounted on the main frame, the swing capacity, and the configurable pulling bar make these manure scrapers a unique high-quality product.
manure scraper systems

manure scraper systems

The advantage of the scraper

The advantage of bending the scraper’s main arms forward when a lot of stall bedding is used is that the manure and bedding will slide to the center of the scraper. As a result, manure never enters the stalls, and the scraper pulls more evenly and lightly. This maximizes hygiene and reduces maintenance costs. The advantage of the swinging arms is that the scraper follows the floor perfectly and gives the best possible cleaning result.
The multi-scraper is therefore ideal for floors that slope towards the center.
  • Reliable and effective system for dealing with both solid manure and slurry.
  • Its heavy duty design ensures short cleaning time and high reliability.
  • The closed connection between barn and manure storage facility eliminates cold draughts into barn during cold spells

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