Roof Panels insulated Mabati

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Insulated Mabati Roof Panels

Sandwich panels are used for thermal-humidity polyurethane insulation and waterproofing.

  • Excellent thermal insulation performance.
  • Good waterproof performance.
  • Soundproof.
  • Energy-saving, environmentally friendly.
  • Simple and fast construction (The polyurethane sandwich panel is prefabricated in the factory, so it can be directly used for construction without additional processes)
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Mabati Insulated Roof Panels with Polyurethane fill

Roof panels do not attract and absorb water, thanks to the load-bearing performance of polyurethane insulated roof panels and their superior performance against humidity. It allows you to choose the most economical form by being produced in different forms according to your request. It has high resistance to heat and does not sustain the flame when it flares up.

Solar Compatible 5-Ribs Roof Panels with Cap, the production, eliminate the problems that occur in the fastener joints of your roofs with their concealed fastener joint sealing feature. In this way, they also offer a solution to the water leakage that occurs at the fastener joints in the rain. It is suitable for solar panel installation and has a long life and has a high load-carrying capacity. It is also very resistant to heat. When it is ignited, it emits a minimum level of smoke by not sustaining the flame and extinguishing itself.

PU: Polyurethane fill

Polyurethane Sandwich Panels, often known as PU Panels, are structures consisting of polyurethane foam sandwiched between two side skins made of a different material such as (PAINTED GALVANIZED STEEL (PGSS) metal or ALUMINIUM SHEETS. Thermal insulation is provided by foam in between.

Difference between PU and PIR foam

Difference in fire resistance: PU foam: generally, B3 grade, by adding flame retardants, it can reach B2 grade. PIR foam: generally, B2 grade, by adjusting the concentration of polyisocyanurate acid ring and other formula technology, it can reach the B1 level, and the oxygen index can reach more than 35%.


Place of Use Roofing / mabati
Useful Width 1000 mm
Minimum Length 3,0 m
Maximum Length Depends on Shipping Conditions
Polyurethane Density (EN 1602) 40 (±2) kg/m³
Polyurethane Thickness PUR mm 30 std / (40-50-60-80-100) mm available
Fire Classification (EN1350) B, s2, d0
Metal Type Painted Galvanized Steel Sheet or Aluminum Sheet
Top Metal Thickness (mm) 0,20 mm / 0,50 mm available
Bottom Metal Thickness (mm) 0,20 mm / 0,40 mm available


  • Thermal Conductivity (EN 13165) values range between 0,49 – 0,11 W/m2K depending on the panel thickness.
  • Heat Resistance -200 /+110 ºC
  • Vapour Diffusion Resistance (EN 12086) 30-100
  • Water Absorption (EN ISO 354) By Volume %2 (168 hours)
  • Closed Cell Percentage (EN 14509) %95

Benefits of PU panels

They are durable and expected to last as long as the lifespan of the structure it protects. It is also fire-resistant B2. And quick and easy installation because it requires only a few materials to be installed.

  • Production in various color options
  • Application on roofs with a slope higher than 5%
  • Fully compatible with P980 Polycarbonate roof lights.
The PU polyurethane Sandwich roofing Panels are made of Top & Bottom Galvanized & pre-painted Steel Sheets.
The core material is PU polyurethane, which is formatted by laminating and pressing with 4 components.
The sandwiched Mabati panels are featured with:
  • Hot & Harsh Temperature prevention from outside environment.
  • Major savings in energy cost- This gives an option of not using Air conditioners hence lowering electricity costs.
  • Sound insulation – when it’s raining there is no sound to be heard. No need of installing a ceiling as its bottom sheet acts well as the ceiling.
  • Can be produced rapidly and on demand in the required quantity and length
  • Anti-water and fire resistant.
  • Light weight and easy installation
  • Saves construction and maintenance cost
  • It is widely used as the roofing for cold storage, industrial workshop, public building etc.
  • Provides durability and long life
Panels are available in various length (up to any metres / 60 meters) and Standard effective width of 1050 mm and thickness 30mm, 50mm, 75mm & 100mm
The panels are finished with tongue & groove jointing arrangement.

Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 100 × 100 × 4 cm

5 Ribs 30 mm, 3 Ribs 30 mm


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