Head locks Yoke

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Head locks Yoke

Durable and robust head locks made of galvanized metal pipes and 3 mm profiles. Easy and robust locking mechanism with swing arm support. You can lock your animals in groups and individually with its automatic mechanism. Control and intervention become easier while taking more comfortable and convenient feed. You can easily do the necessary care and treatment.
Standard sizes are 5-meter sets

  • Width: 50- 60- 70- 75 cm
  • Height: 85 cm


Head locks Yoke

Hot-dip galvanized pipe / square frame steel by FERMANET® head locks are cattle management and control equipment. Dip-galvanized steel Square Tubing or Round Tubing headlocks for cow, cattle heifer and calf. The opening is designed for maximum cow comfort and efficiency.

Headlocks are designed to keep cows tied while eating just behind the feeding table. While animals kept locked by headlocks all necessary veterinarian check-up, vaccination, artificial insemination and other emergency operations can be done easily. In addition to more space for the animals while they are eating. The right feeding place width for every age category. As a result, there is less pushing and therefore less agitation while the animals are eating. Functional headlocks contribute to animal safety, care and welfare in addition to profitable management. The feed front headlock is the main component in a free-stall barn. Durable and special designed and measures for any cow.

Hot dip galvanized Head-lock

  • With its automatic mechanism, it can lock your animals as a group and/ or individually.
  • Emergency lock that can be opened very easily with the emergency lock & rescue system.
  • Prevents animals from contacting each other
  • Control and intervention become easier while making more comfortable and convenient feed intake.
  • You can easily perform the necessary maintenance and treatment procedures.
  • Provides a comfortable living space. Increases animal welfare and comfort.
  • In addition to automatic group locking Lock on each yoke allows each animal to be retained or removed.
  • Emergency release Two-position operation (Locked, Self-Service/Release).
  • Easy operation Individual locking system. Opens in both directions.
  • Quick solution panic release. no parts where collars can be caught
  • Can be used as either bottom release or conventional use headlocks.
  • Locking from the top using latch.
  • With control handle for each 5 meters set
  • Simple and compact latch mechanism easy to operate.
  • Does not break the collar strap and animals do not get stuck or pinched
  • With its simple design, it does not contain many parts, there are no cutting, piercing edge, corner and connection parts.
  • The leash does not snap and animals do not get snagged or pinched.
  • There are no sharp, pointed and hard parts and connections that may cause injury or damage to animals.
  • Simple robust, strong, Heavy-duty construction, no plastic parts.
  • Sound buffer Cushioned stop for quiet and safe operation.
  • Round steel posts available for curb-mounting, or mounting on concrete bunks.


Additional information

Weight 22 kg
Dimensions 86 × 75 × 86 cm

70cm, 75cm, 60 cm, 50cm


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