Cow Cubicle Band holder

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Cow Cubicle controller

Flexible Neck bands make your cows to be comfortable in cubicle for the cow to thrust her head through when she rises and lies down.



Cow Cubicle Flexible Band Controllers

The purpose of the neck rail is to guide the cow when entering and getting up in the cubicle, so that
the box will stay clean. If you want your cows to be comfortable use neckband in their cubicles, neck band will wear away. A resting area and an unobstructed opening towards the front of the cubicle for the cow to thrust her head through when she rises and lies down. Neck rails / Flexible Neck band holders.

Important Advice

Neck rail too low / too far back:

  • cows stand with only their forelegs in the cubicle, the increased mechanical load and the microbial
    concentration cause claw problems on the hind claws (TUCKER et al., 2005)
  • Cows lie too far back or even on the edge
  • Bruising on the spinal column when getting up
    • Shorter lying periods, increased claw loads
    • Cows lying in the walking area, cows standing in the walking area

Neck rail too far in the front:

  • increased soiling of the cubicles
    • Dirty udders
    • Lying damages through softened skin

Inappropriately positioned neck rails can constrain the cow when standing in the cubicle

Additional information

Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm


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