Flat Tip-Over Trough


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Flat Tip-Over Trough

Rounded edges reduce the risk of injuries to a minimum! Easy cleaning and maximum cow comfort! Wall and ground fixation possible. High volume water basin trough, can be tilt and also drain from the bottom tap.

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Flat Tip-Over Trough

Trough completely made of stainless steel, or hot dip galvanized with big rounded corners: animal friendly construction without salient edges nor corners with hot dip galvanized fixation.

  • Built-in rigid ¾” male water connection, no flexible connection line necessary
  • Connection from right- or left-hand side possible by relocation of the valve
  • Installed float valve MASTERFLOW, water flow up to 40 l/min (11 gallons/min),
  • ¾” frontal male connection
  • Rounded float valve cover can be pivoted upwards without use of tools!
  • Water-saving flat drinking trough, less slurry: water savings per flat tip-over trough up to 25.000 l (6.600 US gallons) per year (taken a cleaning interval of 2 days), compared with normal tip-over troughs with 200 l water contents
  • Free and easy access to the water surface and optimal drinking height
  • Galvanized wall and ground fixations

General information, use and comparison about troughs

**Galvanized steel is not USDA approved as a food safe serving standard, particularly, for acidic foods. As such, you will want to keep galvanized steel from direct contact with any especially acidic foods. For this reason, we always recommend lining your galvanized steel serving trays with parchment or wax paper. This precaution protects you and protects the metal from any accidental interactions.


Bite protection shield, frost protection heating cables when mounted on flat tip-over troughs:

If water line comes from beneath (Ref. 131.0581)
If the water line is connected from the side (Ref. 131.0582)

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