Milking Pulsator pneumatic

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Milking Pulsator 60/40

Vacuum Pump Milking Machine pulsator connects pulsation chamber to vacuum, liner opens and milk flows. adjustable 60 or 40 pulse / minute.

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Pneumatic Milking Pulsator 60/40

Milking machine Vacuum Pump pulsator connects pulsation chamber to vacuum, liner opens and milk flows. Pulsator connects pulsation chamber to atmosphere, liner collapses, squeezes the teat duct and prevents milk flow. Milk flow from the teats increases with: increasing vacuum but stripping’s also increase.
Dairy Pulsators are one of the basic components of any milking machine. Pulsators can either be vacuumed or electrically operated. As the pulsator operates, it causes the chamber between the shell and the liner to alternate regularly from vacuum to air source.
Pulsation ratio is the percentage of time the pulsator is in the milking (open) phase compared to the resting (closed) phase.
The 4 phases of each pulsation cycle are defined by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) as a: liner opening; b: liner open, or milking; c: liner closing: and d: liner closed or rest.
Milking rate (ppm) Max.: 180 unit / Min.: 50 unit

What does the pulsator do?

The pulsator operates the liner: Calf sucking behavior!
When the vacuum curve is down there is no vacuum outside the liner, but there is vacuum under the teat.
The liner will close and “massage” the teat, preventing congestion.
When the vacuum is high the liner will open, not pressing on the teat, and milk will start flowing.
Closing the liner when the teats are empty, and with strong force (high vacuum under the teat), is painful for the cow – and will damage the teat end.

Models of Pulsators

Milk Pulsators is the essential part of Milking Systems & Milking Machine, which is divided into 2 types, Pneumatic Milk Pulsators and Electric Milk Pulsators. And Models are: 4 nozzles to milk up to 2 cows at a time and 2 nozzles are for one cow milking at a time.

The best available today in terms of simplicity, precision, sturdiness and reliability. It has been designed with great attention to detail for a complete animal milk out, to promote good udder health and to make life easier for the farmer.

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