Welding machines MX 350 Amp

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Welding machines MX 350 Pulse / C Pulse

MX Series MIG Welders feature Pulse Technology that eliminates the need for a transition arc. As a result, it reduces spatter and makes it easier to control. Plus, the welding machine automatically performs cleaning after welding, saving you time and effort. So, whether you’re welding at home or in an industrial setting, our MIG welding machines are reliable and efficient. Making the MX the perfect choice for your welding needs. MIG Welder 4X Features Deep + Stabil + Cold + Root

Spatter-free steel welding offers energy savings of up to 35% and a stable arc characteristic without spatter during welding. Maximum Welding Current 325 Amp

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Welding machines MX 350 Pulse / C Pulse

Entirely New Welding Experience with the Digital MX series. Your welding experience changes completely for the best welding results whether It’s Manual or Robotic. Smart build with excellent network connectivity. Handy in use. Incredibly powerful with current intensity from 220 A to 600 A. Metal Inert Gas (MIG) and Metal Active Gas (MAG) welding are gas metal arc welding (GMAW) processes.

The MX Series is designed for efficiency and ease of use. It features unique controls that allow you to adopt Pulse technology within just 10 minutes. This means it will eliminate the need for a transition arc that is difficult to control and often leads to spatter. The ergonomic buttons are easy to operate, even while wearing welding gloves. This allows you to work comfortably and efficiently. With its effortless and user-friendly design, a MIG welding machine from the MX range will save valuable working time in every area where it is used. Furthermore, it will minimize unnecessary downtime and improve overall productivity. Experience the benefits of innovative welding technology and achieve high-quality welding outputs with ease.

KOLARC MX Series MIG welders for sale

MIG Welders that form the MX Series start at the MX 220 and go up to the MX 600 so you can find a MIG Welder that is best suited to your welding application needs. All units have preprogrammed welding functions that make setup and use easy. This means you get Perfect Start, Smart Power, Optimized Arc control and all the X functions that you would expect from the best MIG Welder. Check the MIG welding machine functions here or find more specific machine information and resources on the Kolarc website. Below is a table outlining the capacity and features of the welding machines in the MX series range.

Spatter-free steel welding

Welding machines with Pulse technology you can obtain high quality welding outputs without needing a transition arc that is difficult to control and causes burrs.  At the same time, it eliminates spatter and performs cleaning after welding with its smart welding solutions.

Effortless and easy to use

MX350 C Pulse Welding machines are easy and adapt with their unique hardware within just 10 minutes. The ergonomic buttons of the wire feeder can be operated effortlessly even with welding gloves on.  Thanks to its effortless and easy-to-use steps, which provides savings in your “valuable” working time in every area where it is used.

Perfect start

KOLARC MX power units, the wire touches the workpiece with a lower wire speed than it is set. Optimum ignition parameters are applied according to wire type, diameter and gas type. It provides a perfect arc start that reduces contact nozzle wastage, preventing spatter.

MX MIG welding machines use advanced technology to ensure a perfect arc start every time. With lower wire speeds upon contact with the workpiece, our machines apply optimum ignition parameters according to wire type, diameter, and gas type. This reduces contact nozzle wastage and prevents spatter for a clean and efficient weld.

Smart power source

The KOLARC chamfer angle MX power sources prevent lumps at the wire end of the weld. Digital welding process regulation ensures constant arc length penetration at different free wire distances. The wire actively adjusts the feed to keep the source current constant in all cases. The MX Series chamfer angle power sources prevent lumps at the wire end of the weld, while ensuring constant arc length penetration at a different stick-out distance through digital welding process regulation. Additionally, the wire actively adjusts the feed to keep the source current constant in all cases, resulting in high-quality welds with minimal spatter.

Optimized arc control

Make high-quality welding with KOLARC MXT’s stable arc control and precision ignition. Available as standard in all models. Minimizes the spatter, reducing your need for finishing. Arc control can be optimized with optional source programs. Achieve high-quality welding results with stable arc control and precision ignition. These features are available as standard in all our MX models, ensuring consistent and reliable performance. Our stable arc control minimizes spatter, reducing the need for finishing and saving you valuable time and resources. With optional source programs, arc control can be further optimized to meet your specific welding needs.

MX Welding machines for all your requirements

  1. Xroot / Xroot Pulse – Highly efficient root welding.
  2. Xdeep / Xdeep Pulse – High performance with deep weld penetration.
  3. Xpulse – 100% penetration even at 15-degree welds
  4. Xcold / Xcold Pulse – Heat is reduced to a minimum for thin sheet welds. XPulse ve MIG/MAG /TIG
  5. Position – For position welding.

MX Series MIG Welder X Features

MX series MIG welders come with all the X functions packed into X Series these fully featured welding machines. Additionally, you get other features that will enhance the experience and performance of your welding applications. Essentially, the welding machines in this range will provide efficiency with smart power and heat functions and convenience with quick setup and faster welding application, making the MX series an ideal choice when looking for the best MIG welding machine in Australia. Here are the X features you can expect to find in the MX series range.

X Series Welding machines 

X Deep weld penetration

XDeep Saves time with flat weld surface, symmetrical weld seams, near zero spatter formation and reduced undercuts. Pulse solutions deliver excellent welding performance with virtually zero reduced burr formation and reduced edge grooves. It provides a flat weld surface and symmetrical weld seam even on heavily oxidized or contaminated sheets. With the advantages it provides, the workload of the welder is lightened and you save valuable time. XDeep sets the standard for high-quality welding with its excellent welding performance and virtually zero reduced burr formation. This feature reduces edge grooves and provides a flat weld surface with a symmetrical weld seam, even on heavily oxidized or contaminated sheets. The use of XDeep significantly lightens the workload of the welder and saves valuable time. Its advanced technology is designed to minimize spatter and improve overall weld quality. Whether you’re working with steel, aluminum, or other materials, XDeep ensures superior welding performance and precision. With its advanced features and reliable performance, XDeep is the perfect solution for all your welding needs.

X Stabil Consistent Welding Solution

XStabil Provides uniform welding with constant penetration depth regardless of the change of the stick-out distance. Welding solutions offer excellent control over the welding process, making it easier for welders to achieve precise and accurate welds.  The XStabil welding solution is a cutting-edge technology that enables the production of a very narrow and high-energy welding arc, accelerating the welding process and reducing the heat input. It ensures a uniform welding quality in your welding process with its constant penetration depth, regardless of the change of the free wire tip. This technology allows for the efficient welding of thin materials, providing superior weld quality with reduced distortion and heat-affected zones. 

X Cold, Eliminate High Heat Input

XCold Maintains control where excessive heat negatively affects the weld pool balance with smooth, flat and spatter-free welds. Welding solutions are designed to provide you with the ability to maintain control in welding applications where excessive temperature negatively affects the weld pool balance and leads to joint breakdown. With its high-speed inverter power unit, XCold welding solution allows you to work with a flat, smooth welded surface and almost zero burrs. This means you can achieve smooth, high-quality welds while minimizing the need for post-weld finishing. Whether you are working with thin or thick materials, the XCold welding solution provides a precise and stable arc that ensures consistent weld quality.

X Root Highly Efficient Root Welding

XRoot Gets increased welding speed with short-arc welding and excellent gap bridging with high arc pressure for root welding in all positions. XRoot is a welding process that increases speed while reducing energy consumption compared to standard arc welding. Suitable for steel, stainless steel, and high alloy steels, XRoot offers excellent gap bridging and high arc pressure for root welding in all positions. This results in faster, more efficient welding without sacrificing quality. Additionally, XRoot is easy to learn and operate, making it a valuable tool for welders of all experience levels.


Easy Control in difficult positions

Position welding solution, faster and easier control is achieved in difficult welding positions such as flat, horizontal, vertical and ceiling welding. It also provides better control in high and low welding power cycles.

Safe Application in Difficult Positions

Position cools the weld pool with low power while providing adequate penetration with high power. Provides narrower throat thickness, less distortion and easy control of the molten weld pool.

Pulse DUO welding Function

High Technology Duo Pulse Welding Process function is especially useful for welding thin materials as it helps prevent warping and burn-through. Its stable and precise control of the welding process produces high-quality and consistent results. This reduces the need for rework and ensures a faster and more efficient welding process. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced welder, the Duo Pulse function can help you achieve the desired results with ease and confidence.

Complete Control from the Start

The Duo Pulse function offers a flat and uniform weld start, a smooth fusion of metals, better position welding, and improved weld pool control. It provides better control in high and low welding power cycles, making it a versatile option for various welding needs. Look application video

Benefits of the Duo Pulse

  • Flat and uniform weld start
  • Smooth fusion of metals
  • Better position welding
  • Improved welding pool control
  • Fast and stable process adjustment
  • Quieter, more stable droplet transfer
  • Less spatter on the surface

Synergic High feed rate, low heat input

Current control in conventional machines is slower due to large transformers and they choke. MX series machines with inverter technology, on the other hand, reduce the current rapidly during droplet transfer, providing high forward speed and low heat input.

Wind Tunnel Design

Transport of dust, dirt, and sand to components and electronic boards prolongs the life of the device.  Electrical control of the cooling airflow inside the Welding machines.

Inteligent Cooling System

Intelligent Cooling Fan Technology that works only when needed, noise, accumulated dust in the machine, and energy reduces consumption.

Smart user panel

With the thermal overload protector and the error codes appearing on the digital display, the machine is prevented from being damaged under overload or in case of interruption of the airflow inside the machine. The user can find out why the error is caused.

Personal access authorization

Welding parameters can be locked. Welding parameters cannot be changed without authorization. Standard quality continuity is ensured.

Working with the generator

Seamlessly connecting to electric generators can be used. It consumes low reactive power as its power factor is 0.95.

KOLARC intermediate hose package

  • Military-grade connectors for a long lifespan
  • High pressure and temperature resistant braided water and gas hoses.
  • Flexible and durable control and welding cables
  • Rubber outer sheath hose.

Intelligent cooling Fan Technology that works only when needed, noise, dust accumulated in the machine, and energy reduces consumption

Advanced Inverter technology offers energy savings of up to 35% and a stable arc characteristic without spatter during welding.

4×4 Wire Feeder The 37 mm wire feeder roller gives flawless wire feeding.

MX4 – All functions come with unique working specialty 4 different controls such as Pulse, Synergic, Shipyard available with version

100 Program Memory Increases efficiency and prevents misuse. Programs stored in memory can be played from the front panel or can be called from the torch with the remote control. The number of memories can be limited via the function diagram
406 synergic pulse welding programs provide the best performance for all metals

KOLARC the best price and the best welding machine for sale in KENYA !

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