Welding machines MX 220

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Welding machines MX 220 -165A

Spatter-free steel welding offers energy savings of up to 35% and a stable arc characteristic without spatter during welding.

  • 4×4 Wire Feeder The 37 mm wire feeder roller gives flawless wire feeding.
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Welding machines MX 220C -165A

Spatter-free steel welding

Welding machines with Pulse technology you can obtain high quality welding outputs without needing a transition arc that is difficult to control and causes burrs. At the same time, it eliminates spatter and performs cleaning after welding with its smart welding solutions.

Effortless and easy to use

MX220 C Pulse Welding machines are easy and adapt with their unique hardware within just 10 minutes. The ergonomic buttons of the wire feeder can be operated effortlessly even with welding gloves on. Thanks to its effortless and easy-to-use steps, which provides savings in your “valuable” working time in every area where it is used.

Perfect start

In KOLARC MX power units, the wire touches the workpiece with a lower wire speed than it is set. Optimum ignition parameters are applied according to wire type, diameter and gas type. It provides a perfect arc start that reduces contact nozzle wastage, preventing spatter.

Smart power source

The Kolarc chamfer angle MX power sources prevent lumps at the wire end of the weld. Digital welding process regulation ensures constant arc length penetration at different free wire distances. The wire actively adjusts the feed to keep the source current constant in all cases.

Optimized arc control

Make high-quality welding with Kolarc MXT’s stable arc control and precision ignition. Available as standard in all models. Minimizes the spatter, reducing your need for finishing. Arc control can be optimized with optional source programs.

MX Welding machines for all your requirements

Xroot / Xroot Pulse – Highly efficient root welding.
Xdeep / Xdeep Pulse – High performance with deep weld penetration.
Position – For position welding.
Xpulse – 100% penetration even at 15-degree welds
Xcold / Xcold Pulse – Heat is reduced to a minimum for thin sheet welds. XPulse ve MIG/MAG /TIG

Smart user panel

With the thermal overload protector and the error codes appearing on the digital display, the machine is prevented from being damaged under overload or in case of interruption of the airflow inside the machine. The user can find out why the error is caused.

Personal access authorization

Welding parameters can be locked. Welding parameters cannot be changed without authorization. Standard quality continuity is ensured.

Working with the generator

Seamlessly connecting to electric generators can be used. It consumes low reactive power as its power factor is 0.95.

Kolarc intermediate hose package

  • Military-grade connectors for a long lifespan
  • High pressure and temperature resistant braided water and gas hoses.
  • Flexible and durable control and welding cables
  • Rubber outer sheath hose.

Intelligent cooling Fan Technology that works only when needed, noise, dust accumulated in the machine, and energy reduces consumption

Advanced Inverter technology offers energy savings of up to 35% and a stable arc characteristic without spatter during welding.

4×4 Wire Feeder The 37 mm wire feeder roller gives flawless wire feeding.

Wind Tunnel Design Electrical control of the cooling airflow inside the Welding machines, transport of dust, dirt, and sand to components and electronic boards prolongs the life of the device.

MX4 – All functions come with unique working specialty 4 different controls such as Pulse, Synergic, Shipyard available with version

100 Program Memory Increases efficiency and prevents misuse. Programs stored in memory can be played from the front panel or can be called from the torch with the remote control. The number of memories can be limited via the function diagram
406 synergic pulse welding programs provide the best performance for all metals

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