Electric Inverter

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Electric Inverter

Model: Fuji FRN0007E2E-4GA 2.2 KW Ace high performance through optimal design for a wide range of applications for various machines and devices. Can be used in most types of application—from fans and pumps to specialized machinery.

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Electric Inverter

The FRENIC-Ace Inverters are full feature drives offering great value and maintain high performance through optimal design for a wide range of applications for various machines and devices. Can be used
in most types of application—from fans and pumps to specialized machinery. FRENIC-Ace has readily available interface cards and various types of fieldbus / networks to maximize its flexibility.

Solar pump drives for 1.5kW to 280kW 3 phases pumps

With its high reliability and long lifespan, you can profit from quiet and automatic functions and easily extendable capacities of the FRENIC-Ace for Solar Pumping. FRENIC-Ace solar pumping solutions come with a simple installation, easy start up and require minimum maintenance. The built-in maximum power point tracking functionality enables the pump to run at maximum power using available solar power. It is independent from the grid and produces no pollution or noise. The FRENIC ACE solar pump drive can also operate from the grid or a diesel generator when there is not enough sunlight to run the pump. The ability to operate on both solar (DC power) and the grid (conventional AC power) is the greatest advantage of FUJI’s solar pump drive.

Model: Fuji FRN0007E2E-4GA 2.2 KW Ace

  • Customizable logic, Superior flexibility
  • Quadruple rating
  • CAN Open communications built-in as standard
  • Capacity range up to 220 kW in HHD
  • Wide variety of functions as a standard feature
  • Functional safety: STO function as standard
  • 10 years lifetime design
  • Multi-function keypad with USB port
  • Simple keypad with USB port
  • Device Net communication card (OPC-DEV)
  • CC-Link communication card (OPC-CCL)
  • RS 485 (OPC-E2-RS)
  • PROFIBUS-DP communication card (OPC-PDP3)
  • CAN open communication card (OPC-COP)

Customizable Logic

Customizable logic function is available as a standard feature. FRENIC-Ace has built-in customizable logic functions with a maximum of 200 steps including both digital and analog operation functions, giving customers the ability to customize their inverters—from simple logic functions to full-scale programming. Fuji Electric also has plans to offer programming templates for wire drawing machines, hoists, spinning machines, and other applications so that the FRENIC-Ace can be used as a dedicated purpose inverter.

Wide Variety of Functions as a Standard Feature

  • Sensor-less dynamic torque vector control
  • Motor vector control with PG (with optional card)
  • Synchronous motor with sensor less vector control
  • 2-channel on-board RS485 communications port
  • Standard CAN open compatibility
  • Removable keypad device
  • Removable control terminal block board

FRENIC-Ace has two different multi-function keypads available

  • Multi-function keypad with LCD display: Enhanced HMI functionality
  • Keypad with USB port: Connect to a computer for more efficient operation (set-up, troubleshooting, maintenance, etc.)

FRENIC-Ace is equipped with STO functional safety function as a standard. Therefore, output circuit magnetic contactors are not required for safe stop implementation. Enhanced standard features position FRENIC-Ace ahead of its class (Safety input: 2CH, output: 1CH).

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