Submerged Arc Welding Machine


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SAW Arc Welding Machine

The Professional Submerged High Performing Arc Welding Machine with unique design, it works with high efficiency in every application area. It is widely used in carbon cutting applications, mainly in shipyards and steel construction. Whether you are working on large-scale industrial projects or smaller welding jobs, this reliable and versatile machine will help achieve superior results every time.

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The Professional Submerged High Performing Arc Welding Machine

SAWX series delivers exceptional performance and efficiency in various welding applications. Particularly in carbon cutting. This makes it the preferred choice for ship building and steel construction industries. Its advanced features and unique design enable precise and reliable welding, even in challenging environments and positions. With the SAWX you can achieve high-quality welds with minimal spatter, resulting in reduced finishing costs and increased productivity. Whether you are working on large-scale industrial projects or smaller welding jobs, this reliable and versatile machine will help achieve superior results every time.

SAWX Controls at a Glance

The advanced features and intuitive user interface make the SAWX easy to use and configure. Additionally, it provides three-step welding and saves welding parameters with three program memories, allowing you to switch between different welding tasks effortlessly. This feature ensures consistent welding quality and reduces the time needed for manual parameter adjustment. You can achieve superior results every time with the SAWX Series, thanks to its user-friendly interface and automated memory system.

Submerged Arc Welding of all Diameters

The SAWX Series features inverter technology, which enables submerged arc welding of all diameters. Additionally, it offers both CV and CC options. This state-of-the-art technology provides a significant advantage over traditional power units as it reduces electricity consumption by up to 35%.  It enables submerged arc welding with all diameters via its inverter technology supporting CV and CC options. Compared to conventional power units with load, it provides 35% electricity savings in the current form. By minimizing power consumption, the SAWX Series not only cuts down on energy costs but also promotes a more sustainable and environmentally friendly welding process. No matter the size of the materials you’re working with, the SAWX delivers the power and efficiency necessary for optimal results.

High Sensitivity Unique to this SAW Arc Welding Machine

The SAWX Series uses encoder technology to provide high precision in welding parameters, allowing for precise adjustments and ensuring high-quality seams. This feature makes the welding process more reliable and can deliver excellent results even in the most demanding applications. With the SAWX Series, you can trust that you will have a unique and precise welding experience. Welding parameters of high precision are adjusted with encoder technology. It offers you a unique SAW welding experience in applications where high-quality welding seams are provided.

Perfect Weld Seams

The SAWX welder offers exceptional performance through its advanced features. Its soft start feature, made possible by inverter technology, ensures a smooth and perfect welding start by preventing sticking. The 4×4 wire feed roller and encoder motor provide a stable wire speed and spatter-free arc formation, resulting in high-quality welding outputs. Thanks to the soft start feature that prevents sticking, provided by the inverter technology. It provides a perfect and smooth welding start. It provides stable wire speed and spatter-free arc formation with its 4×4 wire feed roller and encoder motor.

Control at a glance

The SAW Series offers three-step welding with an intuitive and easy-to-configure user interface. It automatically saves welding parameters with 3 program memories.

Solutions as per your needs

With its ergonomic, lightweight and durable design, it can be easily transported in application areas. Thanks to its thermal protection and indicator lamp, it prevents the machine from being damaged under overload or in case of interruption of the air flow inside the machine.

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Dimensions 24.5 × 45 × 61 cm

SAW 1000, SAW 1250


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