Centrifugal Water Pumps Open Impeller

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Centrifugal Water Pumps 20 m3 /hours 

Water pumps with open impeller are designed for suctioning at a depth of 6 m and for dripping and releasing water up to a maximum height of 22 m; max capacity 20 m3 /hrs.  Open impeller is used in the water discharge of a little dirt accumulation. They are also preferred water pumps for agricultural small-scale irrigation, especially suitable for use in the industrial sector.

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Open Impeller Centrifugal Water Pumps

Open impeller water pumps are designed as particulate evacuation pumps where suitable for the working environment of the centrifugal pump, where there are some particulate substances in the fluid, due to the open impeller. Due to its open impeller pumps designed for the evacuation of some substances in the industrial sector and fluid liquid. They are also preferred water pumps for agricultural small-scale irrigation, especially suitable for use in the industrial sector.

Centrifugal Water Pump with open impeller suggests, the front surface of the impeller is open, that is, its blades are visible when looking at the impeller. This type of pumps produced used in the transfer of particles in water, unlike closed impellers, they do not clog. Pumps with open impellers are lower in pressure than closed impellers and have higher water flow.

Mono-staged, open impeller centrifugal pumps. This type water pumps with open impeller manufactured at frequencies of 50 Hz and 60 Hz max capacity 20 m3 /hrs 

Centrifuge water pumps, which consist of a vane impeller in a body, the liquid is transmitted from an inlet to the middle of the impeller. The pressure is obtained by rotating the liquid with the impeller. The path of the liquid in an Open Impeller Centrifugal Pump Due to the vacuum created on the suction side of the impeller, the liquid enters between the blades of the impeller.

The fluid passing between the impeller blades gains a great tangential velocity with the rotational movements of the impeller. Between the impeller blades and the channels bounded by the front and rear profiles of the impeller, the liquid is pushed towards the exit side of the impeller by the effect of centrifugal forces that occur during the rotational movement.

The movement created in this way ensures the continuous flow of the liquid and the suction of the pump around the suction. The kinetic energy contained in the liquid leaving the impeller blades with a great tangential velocity is converted into pressure energy in the volute cavity between the fixed diffuser blades.

Surface water pumps

Surface water pumps are an important solution for extracting water from rivers, lakes, or streams. These pumps are typically used in situations where there is a readily available surface water source nearby.

One type of surface water pump commonly used in Kenya is the centrifugal pump. This type of pump uses rotating impellers to create pressure and move large volumes of water quickly. Centrifugal pumps are efficient and easy to operate, making them a popular choice for agricultural irrigation and other applications that require high flow rates.

Surface water pumps come in various sizes and capacities to suit different needs. Some models even have built-in filters to prevent debris from entering the pumping system, ensuring cleaner water output.
When selecting a surface water pump, it’s crucial to consider factors like required flow rate, head height (the vertical distance between the source and destination), power source availability, and maintenance requirements.

Selection of centrifugal water pumps

They are water pumps that are preferred in agricultural small scale irrigations, especially suitable for use as industrial pumps. for irrigation, household use, or livestock farming, having the right type of water pump is essential.

All kinds of spare parts of Centrifugal Pumps can be obtained easily and economically. The water pump is very easy to install.  Different types of water pumps available in Kenya and how they can meet your specific needs. From surface water pumps to windmill water pumps,

The working principle of centrifugal pumps, in these pumps, which consist of a vane impeller in a body, the liquid enters the pump through a suction pipe.

This kind of pump installation of centrifugal pumps can be said to be a hydrodynamic pump. The curve showing the relationship between the amount of water (flow rate) that a pump can circulate at constant speed and the head is called the pump characteristic. These characteristic curves are taken into account when selecting the pump. In some cases, instead of choosing a larger pump, it is possible to obtain the desired characteristic by connecting two small pumps in parallel or in series.

Pump characteristics depend on the number of revolutions. It is possible to obtain different characteristics by changing the number of revolutions. According to this;

  • Pump flow rate increases proportionally with the number of revolutions.
  • Pump head increases in proportion to the square of the revolutions.
  • Pump power requirement increases in proportion to the cube of the revolution.

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