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Save Time and Labor by using Automatic Milking Machines. Exhausted after a long day of milking by hand? Use Automatic Milkers 30L cow milking machine will be your savior. With 1680 rpm motor speed and 60 times/min pulsation, it can milk 5-8 cows per hour, providing you with a labor-saving and time-saving milking experience.

How many minutes to milk a cow?

This is what farms achieve if cows are stress free, with a good routine and the milking unit removed automatic when the cow finishes milking with higher yields the udder pumps milk out at higher pressure, which increases the flow, keeping the duration relatively short.

Milk yield session
  • 10 kg milk in 4 minutes
  • 15 kg milk in 5 minutes
  • 20 kg milk in less than 6 minutes

Security and Health First: Treat your milk the way you treat your home and feel every ounce of comfort with every milking experience with Automatic Milkers. Our bucket is made of food-grade 304 stainless steel, and the hose is made of harmless rubber, non-toxic and odorless. Our milking machines with reliable materials ensure maximum health and minimum maintenance. The entire system is fully enclosed and sealed. Get ready to enjoy pure and clean milk!

Your Cows will be happy: Do you worry about hurting your cows when milking with your hands? Our milking machines are equipped with a vacuum pulsation system to suck milk like chalk. The suction is enough for efficient milking, and the smooth inner surface of the teat cup will not harm your animals.

Milk Anywhere: Whether helping a fellow farmer or working on your farm, you will be ready to milk your day away without breaking a sweat. This milking cow machine features a sturdy steel cart. The large heavy-duty wheels and non-slip handle make it easy to move around. Transporting a full-filled milk bucket has never been easier.

Relax and Feel Good with Automatic Milkers: You don’t have to tolerate sweating in the summer when milking. The electric cow milking machines will help you handle all your milking work. It is ideal for farms or dairies that milk cows. If you need to milk goats or sheep, please replace the goat or sheep milk suction head (not included). Let’s start milking together.

Milking cows is not that simple

  • Cows need to release the milk * (the correct routine)
  • Over milking needs to be minimized * (correct take off setting)
  • Cows need to be milked out well enough * (good unit position, correct liner, correct use of support)
  • Vacuum level needs to be optimal *(teat ends close direct after milking)
  • Mastitis needs to be prevented * (lots of aspects)

Automatic Milking machines Instruction manual

Before using this kind of milking machine, please read this instruction manual carefully, and to operate, maintenance of this machine appropriately. Then in such a way, you can protect the health of your cow udder, and improve the quality of milk sanitation, and extend the using time of this machine.

Attention points

Before using these automatic milkers, you must know the performance of it and the safety points you should pay attention to.

  1. The voltage of power of the equipment used should be according to the requirements of equipment.
  2. The power should have reliable earthing protection line and other safety protection measurements.
  3. If you use the three-phase vacuum pump, please pay attention to the turning direction of the motor.
  4. The daily maintenance and disassembling and cleaning in certain periods should be according to the regulation of instruction manual.
  5. Using suitable tools to install or disassemble the equipment to avoid damage.
  6. If the equipment has faults that cannot be solved by maintenance, please contact our company or the service position in your place, we will guide you to solve the technical problem.

The correct method and order of milking

Milking operation method by Automatic Milking Machines

  1. Turn on the power of milking machine, turn off the vacuum switch of vacuum tank, and start the vacuum pump, then the finger of vacuum gauge will rise stably
  2. Adjust “pressure regulating valve” at clockwise, vacuum press become big, adjust “pressure
  3. Regulating valve” at anti-clockwise, vacuum pressure become small. Adjust the vacuum
  4. Pump to normal vacuum degree position(47kpa), turn on the switch of vacuum pump,
  5. Then you can start to milk.

The order of milking

Preparation for milking
a. Clean the udder and teat of cow, then make it dry. You had better clean the teat with the water with biocide.
b. Before covering the milk cup, you should milk by hand 2-3 times. Then put the teat in the special cup to observe if the teat is normal.
c. Clean and make the udder and teat of cow dry. After confirming the teat is normal, you should cover the claw in 1 minute.

The method of covering milk cup

  • First hold the claw horizontally, and make the 4 pieces of milking lining liner fall naturally.
  • Then the milking lining liner can close the 4 mouths of claws with the gravitation of stainless-steel cup.
  • Hold the claw horizontally, put the claw under the udder of cow and open the switch of claw by the forefinger of the hand which should always hold the claw horizontally. (If the claw is declining, it will make the milking lining liner in the declining side air escape to influence the normal performance of milking machine.)
  • Hold the head of milk cup with the thumb, third finger and last finger of the other hand, and leave forefinger and middle finger to guide the teat put into the milking lining liner.
  • Make the stainless-steel cup upright, before doing it, you should disassemble the rubber pipe of bottom of milking lining liner to make sure the stainless-steel cup will not air escape when put it upright, then cover the milking lining liner on the teat quickly. (If the cow has one teat, which cannot milk, you should use the special rubber teat cap in the mouth of milk cup to avoid air escape.)

Milking process with Automatic Milking Machines

The time of milking by automatic milkers of each cow is different, and usually, it takes 3-5 minutes to milk. When you see the four teats are almost finished milking, hold the claw with one hand, and pull the claw ahead, so that it can make the milk left in the area of back udder clean. Pull the claw ahead again, if you find there is no milk left, you can take the cup off.

Method of taking the cup off

a. When the four teats are finished milking, you should take the cup off at once. When taking it off, you should pull the switch of claw down, and close the vacuum.
b. One hand to close the vacuum switch of claw, and the other hand to hold the four milk cups pull out declining.
Note: please don’t milk after finishing milking, or the udder of cow will have sickness.

You cannot pull down the claw upright, or the rest vacuum of claw will damage the teat. You should pull declining, so that the air of teat will escape to reduce the vacuum of claw, then hold down naturally.

The correct method of installation rubber milking liner.

Put the milking lining liner in stainless steel milk cup. Please pay attention to the arrows in the head of milking lining liner and the part of connecting the pipe, and they should be in same line. When pulling the milking lining liner in the stainless-steel cup, please don’t distort is, but pull it straightly. After installation, please examine the two arrows are in the same line.

The difference between milking by machine and milking by hand

Improve the sanitation of milk by milking machine: absorb the milk directly in disinfectant seal milk barrel to avoid pollution.
Milking by hand: to shoot the milk in the milk barrel in air, and the milk will be polluted by dust in the cow or air.

Improve the efficiency of milking and output

  • Milking by machine: It will take 3-4 minutes to milk by machine. It will take 10-15 minutes to milk by hand. It will save 2/3 time to milk by machine instead of milking by hand.
  • According to several years of using milking machine, it proves that milk by machine instead of hand can improve 5% output.


  • 1 milking by machine can milk four teats in 1 time, and the rhythm of pulsator style and strength are unified, so that it can make the cow adjustable to it. And it is good for the growth of cows to improve the output.
  • When milking by hand, because the strength and rhythm of milker are not unified, and he only can milk two teats at one time, the cow will not feel satisfied, and it will influence the normal growth of the cow, then the output of milk will reduce.

Cleaning method of Automatic Milkers

After finishing the milking, you must start to clean. Just after finishing the milking, if you don’t clean the milking equipment at once, the bacilli will propagate quickly.
The using of cleaning agent
The component of milk is complicated. Therefore, you should use the special cleaning agent to clean the milking machine, and it also will not damage the rubber part of milking machine.

Type of cleaning agentMain functionThe effective temperature
of cleaning agent
The thickness of cleaning
Alkalescence cleaning
Milk fatness
Milk protein velum
Above 40 ℃0.1%
Acidity cleaning agentMineral substanceAbove 40 ℃0.1%

The temperature and thickness requirement in the form above is the requirement of the special cleaning agent of our company offer. It means if the temperature is lower than we require, the cleaning agent cannot be effective the cleaning order (daily cleaning)

  1. clean the claw, milk pipe, and milk barrel with water.
  2. cleaning preparation: use a big pot with full water, put and claw in the pot, turn on the vacuum pump, and absorb the water into milk barrel from claw. Turn off the vacuum switch of vacuum tank, open the cover of milk barrel, then pour the water.
  3. circulation cleaning of cleaning agent: Pour the cleaning agent with correct thickness to about 70℃ water and homogenize, put the claw in the pot, open the vacuum switch to absorb the hot cleaning agent into milk barrel. After absorption, pour the cleaning agent back to the pot, then circulate the absorption until the temperature fall to 40℃.
  4. clean with normal temperature water 2-3 times, absorb the water from claw into milk barrel, and clean the cleaning agent in the equipment.
  5. Pour the water, make it dry, and put the milking equipment in a clean and dry place for the next use.
  6. Normally, the alkalescency and acidity cleaning agent are used circularly. 3 days alkalescency, then 1 day acidity cleaning agent.

Disassemble cleaning (Cleaning at fixed period)

After using the milking machine for two weeks, you must have a disassemble cleaning. When disassembling cleaning, cleaning tools must be used.

  • Special cleaning tools
  • Milking lining liner brush
  • Claw brush
  • Long milk pipe brush
  • cleaning of milking lining liner
  • cleaning of long milking pipe

Disassemble the claw, use the special brush with cleaning agent to clean the parts again and
again, until the surface of parts is clean.

The cleaning of inside part of claw

At the bottom of claw, there is a pothook that has a little hole. The function of the little hole is to make the milk flow into the milk barrel swimmingly. Therefore, it is very important to keep the whole work. We have the little needle for cleaning the little hole. (Cannot instead of little steel core)

Note: When disassembling for cleaning, you should use the special cleaning tools, or it may damage the parts of Automatic Milkers milking machine.