Wind Braker Curtains Industrial

Wind Braker curtains Industrial

Custom-made textile system Wind Braker curtains are economical construction solutions for industrial warehouses, halls & claddings, large gate openings and passages.



Wind Braker curtains

High quality fabrics for all  industrial and agricultural applications.

Textile lightweight construction for industrial warehouses and halls. The front for large gate openings and passages & The gate for warehouse door openings & The hall and facade cladding for industrial halls.

Custom-made textile systems for the construction of industrial halls and warehouses. Large facade openings can be easily closed using lightweight textile solutions. Warehouses are managed
efficiently, goods and materials are protected cost-effectively, while fresh air is supplied from outside. Those who rely on Tectura remain flexible. If a dry storage facility needs to be expanded or a new access point created at short notice, this can be done very quickly with lightweight textile solutions. The range of textile gates, fronts and facades are made to measure. In addition to the choice of materials, there is also the option of having the textile fabrics printed. Thanks to the economical design and the high level of maintenance, any damage claims can be handled quickly and cost-effectively. Due to their lightweight construction,
Tectura solutions do not have to meet high structural requirements. Elaborate substructures or pre-installations are not necessary.

For a wide range of applications, we offer sustainable and economical industrial hall projects with Tectura
lightweight solutions. The Tectura solutions reliably protect against the weather and can do without
heavy components. Installation is straightforward and time-saving – giving you planning security for the implementation of your next building project. All Tectura systems can be easily maintained and repaired if necessary
– a big plus in terms of cost-effectiveness.
With your requirements, you as the client are the focus. The Tectura product portfolio and its possible applications are as diverse as your requirements.

  • PROTECTION from weather
  • QUALITY made in Germany
  • INDIVIDUALITY Easily customized
  • SPEED  simple installation
  • ECONOMY economically and sustainable construction solution


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