Soft cow mat WELA

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Soft cow mat WELA

WELA stable blade profile creates high permanent softness and durability adapts to body shape cow and available as single / puzzle / Longline mats or continuous system for high yield cows. Thickness is 50 mm and softness are 49 %

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WELA soft cow mats for elevated cubicles

Consistently high milk yield requires animal-friendly housing methods. Regarding the laying areas, this means comfortable, non-slip and clean cubicles in which the cows like to spend more than half the day in a relaxed position. This soft cow mat protects the joints, relieves the claws and thus increases animal welfare. Comfortable cow mat from KRAIBURG

Cow Comfort for More Animal Welfare

  • Soft cow laying mat
  • Thickness is 50 mm and softness is 49 %
  • lower side profile with blades and supporting studs: stable and flexible simultaneously
  • Sealing lips ensure and protect the lower mat from dust, humidity and dirt.
  • EU dermic grooved surface top profile with integrated slope to rear edge ensures drying off.
  • integrated soft slope to rear edge promotes drying off
  • Proven pebbled surface
  • lower side construction allows no slitting or cutting-out for pockets
    (e.g., for pillars, etc.) suitable for cantilever dividers only**
  • Warranty: 10 years and proven life cycle more than 20 years 
  • Tolerances : Thickness: +3/-2 mm (except with ca. specifications) Width + length: +/- 1.5% (DIN ISO 3302-1 tolerance class M4)
  • Manufactured in Germany

More animal welfare & less work with soft cow mat

Milk can only be produced economically with cows that are healthy and comfortable lying.
Cows naturally are soft soil walkers and therefore need soft cow mat and floor conditions.
On the one hand, we focus on animal health and comfort and thus the performance of your animals. On the other hand, of course, the long durability of our innovative rubber flooring counts. It is our attention to detail that makes the products so user-friendly. In addition to animal welfare, they also improve labor efficiency. The use of KRAIBURG rubber laying mats therefore pays off after a short time already!

More milk with more lying comfort

In addition to air, an optimal housing climate as well as feed and water intake, the soft laying area significantly influences the efficiency of milk production.

All rubber cow mats are available around KENYA for sale

Our rubber company gives you the best quality and durable soft cow mats for the comfort of your cows. Cow rubber mat prevents limb hoof diseases, joint diseases, skin diseases. With elastic and special design on the surface, cow rubber mat could work for massage to avoid fatigue. It prevents coldness during rainy season too. We are local company here in Kenya with the best fair prices for every farmer.

Additional information

Weight 62 kg
Dimensions 183 × 120 × 5 cm

Straight 120 x 183 cm, Puzzle, LongLine


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