Milk cooling tanks horizontal

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Horizontal Milk Cooling tanks

Horizontal Milk Cooling tanks are designed for high volume milk producers and processors for the storage and cooling and maintaining milk quality.

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Milk Cooling tanks

Range of horizontal and vertical milk cooling tanks for cooling and storing fresh milk on dairy farms. All milk cooling tanks have been expertly designed. Horizontal Milk Cooling tanks designed for the storage and cooling of milk for high volume producers and processors maintaining milk quality in an intuitive way with a minimum of cost.

Horizontal cylindrical tanks, free standing, smooth inner sides, rounded angles, perfectly polished weld, adjustable feet for uneven floors. Direct expansion bottom designed to ensure total tank drainage.

Direct expansion (DX) is the simplest and most energy efficient way of cooling milk. This is because the evaporator forms the outer skin or jacket of the inner tank surrounding the milk; as such, there are fewer heat transfer processes

Horizontal Milk Cooling tanks

  • The whole body of the tank be produced from AISI 304 quality stainless (CRNI) steel.
  • The inner evaporator wall surface is 2 mm with 0.8 mm type LASER WELDED cooler coupled.
  • The outer wall thickness of 1.5 mm.
  • Cooling unit and tank on a separate on a monolithic chassis mounted.
  • There will be a 28 rpm reducer and a stainless steel mixing blade in it.
  • The insulation gap is 60 mm thick and HCFC-free water-based high-density isolated with polyurethane foam material.
  • Product outlets have DN 50 male fitting butterfly valves.
  • Has a 500 Ø mm manhole cover.
  • Designed for that zero liquid remains inside during discharge.
  • Welded areas will be 1st class Argon TIG welded and will be 1st class smooth polished.
  • Has adjustable foot bolts on the feet.

COOLING system

Providing rapid and frost-free cooling depending on the minimum amount of milk.

  • R-404A gas cooled
  • Milk Cooling Tanks keep milking at ambient temperature.
  • Cooling from (32 °C – 38 °C)  to 4° is less than 3 hours.


  • Electrical panels are IP 65 protection class
  • Horizontal milk cooling tanks operates with 380 Volt energy.
  • Temperature indicator with digital thermometer
  • Special design electronic control card makes it easy to operate the tank and control the milk temperature.
  • Phase protection relay
  • Automatic mixing program with special software;
    • After the milk reaches the desired set value Mixer operating time can be adjusted at desired intervals. (10 minutes on, 5 minutes off)


  • Automatic Washing System
  • Digital Weighbridge
  • Milk Transfer Pump


  • VAT
  • Transportation & transportation insurance,
  • installation
  • Electrical installation are excluded.
  • Delivery time is 65 days after order confirmation.
  • The warranty period is 2 years.

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