Feed Mixers Vertical 8m³

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Vertical Mixer Feeder 8m³

Vertical Mixer Feeders 8m³ are designed for up to 120 animals scale farm’s needs. The vertically placed special design auger requires low power to mix with optimum performance and one of the ideal solutions for homogeneous ratios with lower power requirement.

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Vertical Feed Mixer FMV 8m³

FMV 8F model mixer feeder is one of the ideal solutions for farms with 80-120 animals. FMV 8F vertical mixer feeders, prepare the feed with optimum performance.  The simple, durable and lightweight construction of the machine makes it the best equipment for dairy and cattle farms.

The design of the vertical auger equipped with special designed and tungsten coated cutting knives cuts the round and square bales at a short time and creates an homogeneous ratio mixed with other feed and additives.  There are no dead spots because of the design of the auger and bucket so it is more hygienic compared to other mixers on the market. Also there is no feed left in the bucket after unloading. Easy to operate mixer feeders increase the profitability of the farms by preparing homogeneous mixes within a short time.

The gearbox, ST52 body, tungsten coated knives, ladder, support leg, indicators and many other features make mixer feeders easy to operate, store and maintain.

Optional features provides for FMV 8F vertical mixer feeders.

  • Loading bucket
  • Lateral conveyor
  • Weighing system
  • Electrohydraulic control
  • Self hydraulic pump
  • Electric motor system
  • Magnet
  • Wide angle shaft
VOLUME (m3) 8
HEIGHT (mm) 2815
LENGTH (mm) 5200
WIDTH (mm) 2300
WEIGHT (kg) 3600
NUMBER OF KNIVES (on auger/fixed) 6/2
PTO (rpm) 540
TYRES 2x(12.5×80-R15.3)

Vertical feeders

Vertical feeders are the most preferred types for modern farming. The vertically placed auger creates a 3-dimensional movement inside the main bucket. Augers are equipped with specially designed tungsten coated cutting knives. These knives cut the round and square bales in a short time. There are no dead spots inside the main bucket because of the design. Vertical mixer feeders are easy-to-maintain and long-lasting machines with low power requirements.

The vertical mixer is based on a tapered conical shape with a conical auger enabling any product to be chopped or mixed. Mixing is carried out by the effect of the multiple serrated blades of the auger, which cut the product while it moves up and then falls back down thanks to gravity. The design of our vertical mixer has evolved to achieve a geometry of both the tub and the auger that ensures rapid and efficient mixing. A wide range of this type of mixer is available.

Other advantages: * Independent Chassis * Compact design * Easy handling * Rapid mixing * Easy maintenance

Vertical Mixer Feeders

Eco series mixer feeders are designed for small and medium enterprises. The simple and light structure of the machine ensures that it is a choice for dairy and cattle farms.
The vertically operating auger system ensures that the round and square bales are unpacked, cut and mixed homogeneously with other rough and concentrated feeds with special alloyed and specially designed knives on it. Thanks to the special design of the auger and the body, there are no dead spots in the machine and therefore there is no post-emptying feed in the bucket.

This particular design combined with the long-life gearbox system requires much less power than the horizontal mixer feeders.
2.5m³ and 5.5m³ eco mixer feeders can optionally be provided with a loading bucket, programmable weighing system and hydraulic pump systems. With the hydraulic controlled loading bucket, you can weigh and can prepare mixed rations exactly the way you want.

Lower power requirement, high performance! Homogeneous ratios with lower power requirement.

General Features

ST52 body, low height design and many other features make mixer feeders easy to operate, store and maintain.

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Now Available in KENYA both Horizontal mixers and Vertical

Additional information

Weight 3200 kg
Dimensions 520 × 230 × 275 cm



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