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Horizontal Mixer Feeders

Horizontal mixer feeders have self hydraulic system and lateral conveyor as standard features. There are also optional features which are loading bucketweighing system and magnet.

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Horizontal Feed Mixers

Horizontal mixer feeders are one of the ideal solutions for small and medium scale farms. Low height structure of the machine makes them suitable for most farms. The low height of the machine makes it easy to use in many enterprises. The horizontal feed mixers makes easy to prepare homogeneous mixture in a short time with a single auger at the bottom and two small augers at the top.

Horizontal Feed mixers have the high quality, long lasting special gearbox with a minimum power requirement.  The material used at the body ( The wall and floor thickness) meets  necessary criteria for the machine for long lasting. With the optional electronic weighing system, the machine can be weighed feeds with high precision and rations can be prepared correctly.

Optional equipment for horizontal feed mixers

  • Hydraulic loading bucket, the entire content can be easily placed in machine hydraulically.
  • Magnet, wires and metallic particles can be separated and the animal health can be increased.

There are 1 main 2 side augers built-in. 3 augers create 3 dimensions circulation inside the bucket. With this circulation and special design knives, ingredients are being cut and mixed homogeneously. There are 2 different shaped knives on the main auger, circle knives and round knives. Counter parts that are placed on the body allows a better cut and prevents ingredients to wrap main auger. With this system homogeneous feed with desired particule length is achieved.

Durable gearbox, ST52 body, special design augers and knives, high performance self hydraulic system, strong chassis and tyres make the machine long lasting.

Horizontal mixer feeders have self hydraulic system and lateral conveyor as standard features. There are also optional features which are loading bucketweighing system and magnet.

A wide range of this type of mixer is available.

Other advantages: * Independent Chassis * Compact design * Easy handling * Rapid mixing * Easy maintenance.


Mixer feeders use special alloy for strong steel bodies. At the base, thicker metal plates are used Ð corrosion and rust. While ST 37 is used as standard, Fimaks uses ST 52 for all the models. This makes the machines 40% more durable and longer lasting. In addition, the Hardox metal body which is one of the most robust alloys in the world, is optional in Fimaks stationary mixer feeders. Also, painted and owened machines in Fimaks advanced paint shop is brought to the customer in a state of long lasting durability.


Optional weighing systems are very important in terms of productivity of your operator. With the software in the weighing systems, mixtures can be prepared exactly at the desired ratio. For different components to be included in the ration, weight can be determined separately. While putting the ration content into the mixer feeder, operators can see on the scale which content is next and how much of that content should be loaded. When the required quantity is approached, the alarm system on the scale will warns the operator and prevent the wrong loading and over-mixes. Weighing systems with software can be supplied with all mixer feeders over 1.5m3, weighing systems with a special software such as Win scale, DG8000 & DTMIC can be supplied with all mixer feeders over 8m3.


In mixer feeders up to 8m3, there is only a cross side unloading system, while in 8m3 and over mixer feeders, optionally, there is a front conveyor belt with frontal unloading system. The front conveyor belt turns clockwise and counterclockwise, allowing the user to leave the mix to the desired side. Lateral conveyor options can be added in addition to all mixer feeders, except for Eco series and 1.8m3 mixer feeders. Lateral and front conveyors can be supplied with belt as standard, optionally with metal plates and chain extensions. In addition, magnet can be optionally attached to the end of the discharge systems to increase health of the animals by cleaning the metal particles and the wires from the ration.


Fimaks vertical mixer feeders use specially designed augers. The pressure angle, the number of pressures and the pressure centers have been adjusted to the maximum homogeneity as a result of long and hard work. Different knife mounting holes on the auger provide the user with the option of knife position. In order to get shorter or longer chopping length, the position on the auger can be adjusted with interchangeable knives. With 10/9 quality bolts and knife supports, the knives are more stable. Scraping pallet and knives are located with ideal angles for maximum.


addition to large and small knives on the feeder, the length of the particles in ration can be adjusted. Animal stomach sicknesses can be prevented with the ideal particle length. There are also scrapers on the augers that allow the contents on the bottom to mix again. The lack of content under the augers makes the rations healthier. Thus, the health of your animals is preserved with the scrapers. Also with the scrapers, the mixture gets prepared more quickly and more homogeneously.

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Additional information

Weight 485 kg
Dimensions 130 × 175 × 205 cm

HR1- 4QM, HR1-6QM, HR1- 9QM, HR1- 12QM


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