Cow Anti kick bar

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Cow Anti Kick Bar

To stop the cow from kicking the person milking the cow.

  • Electrogalvanized, long life
  • Stainless steel spring
  • Fits any cow size
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Cow Anti Kick Bar

Stainless Steel Cow Anti Kick Bar widely used to stop the cow from kicking the person milking the cow. With Quick Release System Easy to open and adjust by pressing the button.

For any aggressive cow, calm, well-experienced handling is essential and can almost always prevent the cow from lashing out. some new heifers may almost destroy parlors because they don’t like being milked. In these instances, a kicking bar can be helpful.

When the cow approaches the parlor, try to have a few spaces open so she can almost ‘choose her spot’ (some cows really don’t like to go into some spaces and the feat of getting them in there is a whole different job in itself – so just let her have free roam of where is being milked).

Once she is into her space, feed her and put a rope or chain round the back of her to stop her from walking backwards. Gently pat her on the hind quarter to let her know you are there, take the kicking bar and firstly use the bottom hook to hook under the top of her leg, just above the udder, where there is a flaccid-like ligament hanging down. Once hooked under there, swiftly but calmly push upwards and hook the top of the bar round the top of her spine, with a slight angle towards her tailhead, so that it is fully pressing on the part of her leg that is stopping her from kicking.

Adjustable from 54 to 75 cm. Made of certified European stainless steel, non-corrosive! The 45° angle of the spring prevents the kick bar from opening by itself.

Long side and short side make for an ergonomic positioning. Stays joined together, does not fall apart.

Cow Immobilizer / Anti Kick Bar Robust, galvanized. For different animal sizes. Prevents the animals from being kicked. Ensure ergonomic length adjustment and prevent inadvertent opening. Marking of the long side (bottom) with black cap

Adjustable Cattle Anti Kicking Stick Anti-Kick Off Device Rod Equipment Tools for Dairy Farm Cow.

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