Drinking Bowls

August 5, 2022 0 By kenyaagr

Drinking Bowls for Cattle and Horses

In this category you will find drinking bowls made of high-quality cast iron, stainless steel, plastic or polyethylene. Free-stalls, we can offer you a large range of drinking bowls. For dairy cows you can choose between compact high-capacity valve trough drinkers or large voluminous troughs. For pasture animals we also offer you a wide range of systems.

The basis for the design and development of our drinking bowls is our long-standing experience and close cooperation with farming and agricultural research experts.

Our cast iron drinking bowls are coated with a high-quality enamel finish, which provides excellent and hygienic surface protection for years. We place extreme importance in the choice of high-quality stainless sheet steel for our products.
Our polyethylene products are of course made of a premium quality UV-resistant material. The specific material characteristics are tuned to the particular type of drinker’s application. The type of trough or drinker best suited to your particular needs please feel free to ask us for assistance or advice!

Drinking bowls for sheep and goats

Drinking bowl range for sheep and goats. In this category you will find drinking bowls which are made of high-quality cast iron, plastic or polyethylene. For free stalls we can offer you a range of Troughs. Also, for pasture animals you will find a selection of various water supply systems. Deliver clean, free-choice water within 20 to 30 minutes of liquid feedings.

Cast iron drinking bowls

Our cast iron drinking bowls are equipped with a high-quality enamel coating, which guarantees long-lasting, optimal and hygienic surface protection. The plastic we use is carefully chosen for uses that involve animal keeping and is constantly quality controlled.

When using our drinking bowls for sheep and goats, we recommend our drinking bowl Model 370 and 375 with drink inducer. In order to guarantee that young stock is brought up in a healthy manner, it is necessary that they learn to drink enough water independently at an early stage. Therefore, on Model 370 and 375 we have located a small hollow behind the tube valve, which encourages animal learning. Young animals, which have not yet learnt how to activate the valve can lap up the remaining water out of the enticement basin. With time they will drink water from this bowl and automatically learn how to use the easy to activate tube valve. An early, independent and sufficient water supply is guaranteed this way.

Alternatively drinking bowls with float valve, offering constant water level to the animals, such as Model (125, 127K,130P, 340 or 350) are used. In all of these cases the animal does not need to operate a mechanism to access water.

We supply solutions for free stalls which guarantee reliable water supply even in extremely cold (minus) temperatures. You can choose from a selection of heated bowls Model (43A, 46, 127K-H, 130P-H) and ISO-Drinker Model 6620 (each with installed heating), Thermo Source Drinkers, which do not require electricity, or stainless-steel troughs which can be kept frost free with a heating element or can be integrated into a water circuit.

Automatic Water Drinking Bowls with a Tongue Valve

Drinking bowls with a tongue valve are the classic model. The valve is actuated through pressure on the tongue and the water flows into the drinking bowl. Drinking bowls with tongue valves recommended mainly for cattle with horns or for easy to care for animals with a nose ring.

Cleaning the bowl regularly is of great importance as dirt particles and feeding leftovers are likely to adhere to the back of the activation tongue. Developed drinking bowls with a tube valve in order to reduce maintenance work to a minimum.

Automatic Water Drinking Bowls with a Tube Valve

Drinking bowls with a tube valve are used for almost all animals, as animals can reach the bowl very easily. The animal´s bridge of the nose activates the valve easily. Even side activation is possible and uncomplicated. The water flows into bowl after pressing the tube valve and the animal drinks as much water as it needs. If the drinking bowl is equipped with a regulation screw, the water flow can be continuously adjusted from outside. Even sensitive animals will accept this tube valve system!
The valve spring can easily be replaced by unscrewing the lower part of the valve. All parts are accessible for maintenance.

On tube valves which are equipped with a regulation screw, the water supply of the drinker can be turned off for changing the valve. The water supply line has not to be completely cut off, still giving the rest of the animals the chance to drink.

Automatic Water Drinking Bowls with a Float Valve

The float valve aims at keeping on a determined level the stretch of water in a water tank. It is set up on the supply pipe at the bottom. It opens when the water tank below the chosen level and closes progressively whenever the maximal level is reached

The height of the desired fresh water level in the tank is regulated by a “floating weight” If the water level is sufficient, the weight floats on the water surface and the valve is closed. If the water level decreases, the valve opens again.