Cow comfort mat

Cow Comfort Mat

April 14, 2022 1 By kenyaagr

The “cow comfort mat” term has already been used as a basis for the purchasing decisions. But when can manufacturers declare their product as a comfort mat term? Which technical and animal-related criteria must be met? A DIN standard provides clarity here.

DIN 3763 – uniform standard for cattle house cow comfort mat with “comfort classes”.
Products must meet certain standards in terms of durability (e.g. abrasion resistance, acid resistance) and animal welfare (e.g. slip resistance) to be compliant with the DIN standard.

The DIN norm furthermore allows manufacturers to assign their mats for laying areas to one of four comfort classes, according to elasticity (deformability in mm).

Minimum requirement clearly defined!

Future decisions need no longer be based solely on marketing statements regarding comfort and durability. Rather, uniform standards bring transparency to the market and make it easier to choose the right product. The new standard can also serve as a basis for decisions for funding programms.
Minimum requirement for the comfort of the mats according to DIN is defined clearly and simply.

Additional functions of cow mats

Comfort elements for cow mats

KRAIBURG mats are DIN-compliant

All KRAIBURG walking area floorings are DIN-compliant. KRAIBURG offers suitable mats for laying areas in every comfort class.

For example: The two top products KEW Plus and WINGFLEX, correspond to DIN class 4 – the best category with the highest deformability.

One of the norms is softness of cow mats

Comparison table for cow mats and mattresses

Milk yield based on very simple aspects cow 50% + Feed 25% + comfort 15% + milking 5% + others 5%